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don think that necessary, Pequeno said. just like when people come with a ski mask on into a convenience store. That just weird. We shouldn have grown ups coming dressed up. Crosby, director of the Premiere Cinema 10 at Mall of Abilene, said early Friday morning that he hadn heard of security changes because of the shooting incident.

try to maintain a safe environment for our customers, Crosby said.

Joel Davis, vice president of operations for the theater chain, said security requirements vary by the size, location and operating hours of the theater.

Colorado tragedy

Armani Belts For Men

An official at a local movie theater said there is the possibility of adding security officers following the violent shooting rampage that took the lives of at least 12 people early Friday morning at a Colorado Gucci Belt Double G

She said she and another manager discussed possible steps to protect theater patrons.

Armani Belts For Men

Armani Belts For Men

Armani Belts For Men

theater. A report released Friday by CNN said the man who opened fire on moviegoers, James Holmes, was dressed to toe in protective tactical gear when he entered the theater.

Armani Belts For Men

Armani Belts For Men

An employee at Century 16 Theatre, 3818 John Knox Drive, referred questions to the business corporate office. The theater is part of the Cinemark owned chain as is the Century 16, where the shooting occurred Friday in Aurora, Colo. Responding to a call from the Reporter News, an official at Cinemark corporate office referred to a statement posted on the company website.

Armani Belts For Men

´╗┐Abilene movie theaters consider public safety after Lv Belt Damier Graphite

Premiere Cinema 10 had 15 showings of Dark Knight Rises scheduled Friday.

Armani Belts For Men

He said staff members should the situation by location. Cinema 10 benefits from mall security, Davis said.

Armani Belts For Men

One of the emails told workers to report any suspicious activity to security, she said. Another email told staff they were allowed to add more security if they saw fit. And another urged employees to for the Century employees and the people in Aurora. said she doesn agree with allowing costumed movie patrons who are adults into the Ferragamo Belt For Cheap

haven gotten a full on discussion yet, Pequeno said. just on edge right now. Park Central is not showing Dark Knight Rises, which opened nationwide Friday.

screening of Dark Knight Rises. Pequeno, a second assistant manager at Carmike Park Central on South Clack Street, said her theater is considering beefing up security for the next few days. She said security at the shopping area during the day is minimal, Armani Belts For Men but there is a security officer posted outside at night.

Armani Belts For Men

was an isolated, random act of violence by an obviously troubled young man acting alone, but is unprecedented in that it happened in a movie theater, Davis said in a prepared statement. in general are thought of a fun family friendly places and historically have been among the safest and most enjoyable public places of assembly for over 100 years.

The statement read: is deeply saddened about this tragic incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and loved ones, our employees, and the Aurora community. We are grateful for the quick and professional reaction of all local law enforcement and emergency responders. said a Carmike district manager sent emails to staff members Friday morning that addressed some of her concerns.

Still a sign was placed Friday at the theater warning patrons that backpacks, bags and packages brought into the building could be inspected.

Armani Belts For Men

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