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Canton Sanitation Superintendent Byron Carson said more people than expected have taken advantage of the city curbside recycling. Early predictions estimated that 3 to 5 percent of city households would take part, but Carson said between 20 to 25 percent, or roughly 8,000 homes, are participating. The curbside program collected 1,944 tons of recyclables in 2009, figures show.

Stark County recycling rate, which includes yard waste, now stands at 8 percent, with nearly every community recycling more than it did 10 years ago.


Stark County started the decade in a recycling slump. In 2000, residents recycled roughly 1 percent of the waste they produced, according to the Stark Tuscarawas Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District, which operates and tracks Stark County recycling programs.

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Belt Hermes

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Held attributes the growth in recycling to the national movement, more awareness of the waste reduction programs offered and more access to recycling opportunities. He said 92 percent of Stark residents have easy access a recycling program, either through the 33 drop off sites or through curbside pickup in Alliance, North Canton and Canton.

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In 2002, the solid waste district began offering its own recycling programs. Rather than solely distributing grants to communities to fund recycling efforts, the district bought its own trucks and installed 17 bins throughout the county. The district added bins nearly every year, and recycling levels continued to climb.

As Ohio sports fans know too well, every program goes through a rebuilding period.

In 2009 most recent figures available residents countywide sent 40,494 tons of garbage to recycling centers rather than area landfills. That Belt Hermes seven times higher than the amount recycled in 2000 and enough to fill 6,666 trash trucks.

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Canton which has highest population in the county also returned to recycling in 2002 with a stripped down program that included a drop off station on Schroyer Avenue SW and igloo shaped containers at city schools. The city recycling tons increased steady until 2008, when the city started its curbside pickup program. Canton figures spiked from 759 tons in 2007 to 1,189 tons in 2008 to 2,300 in 2009, according to the waste district.


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Strategies change and new leaders are hired.

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The county is closer than ever at 8 percent but the state goal has proved to be as elusive as an NBA Hermes Belts

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no question the trend of recycling is increasing, he said. the years, you are seeing more and more of it. More communities are jumping on the band wagon. Held believes recycling rates will continue to rise. He said the waste district plans to add five new drop off sites in Stark County, likely in Jackson, Lake and Plain townships. The district also wants to establish a team in Stark County, a group of volunteers that would meet to discuss how to improve recycling rates. A team already exists in Wooster, Held said.

J Refuse, which handles recycling in Alliance and North Canton and for paid customers in Massillon and the unincorporated areas of Stark County, has seen such an increase in recycling that Scott Walter, J manager of business development, said the Dover based company added an extra shift of workers last fall to keep up with the volume.

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´╗┐After a decade of recycling

Stark County has been building its recycling program in hopes of meeting the Environmental Protection Agency goal to recycle 25 percent of the waste produced by residents and businesses.

Back then, only about half of Stark County residents had easy access a recycling station, and the amount of materials recycled, which peaked at 12,447 tons in 1998, dropped to 5,684 tons in 2000. Miller Refuse Service, a once family owned trash hauling business that served more than 50,000 homes in Canton, North Canton, Massillon and Nimishillen Township, along with other communities. As part of its contract, Miller agreed to collect each community garbage and sort out recyclable materials. Canton agreed to recycle at least 10 percent of the city household waste. Miller had stopped sorting recyclables out of the trash after a fire destroyed some of its equipment. The hauler had been shipping everything to landfills for at least a year.

our recycling rates, said Held, who said the district now regularly conducts spot checks to ensure materials are recycled. brought a lot of discouragement to our residents that were recycling. They were very skeptical as to whether or not their recyclables actually were being recycled. It would take years and a change in strategy for recycling levels to recover in Stark County.

Recycling abruptly stopped in Canton. While some dedicated residents went back to using drop off sites in nearby townships, many residents went back to throwing everything in the trash, Held said. Miller program really impacted Louis Vuitton Belts Cheap

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title, Super Bowl ring or World Series berth has been for Ohioans.

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