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But while some of these certainly must have fairly common abbreviations, I was stymied on the very first one, atom. I found no abbreviation of any kind for atom, probably since it is such a short word, and is used in some pretty sophisticated text, requiring few abbreviations.

What are the "Baptist Distinctives"?

The study of biology is divided into multiple fields. why is the study of biology so diverse? A)biology is the study of life and all living things, as well as a Hermes Belts Black

If any of my sources had provided an abbreviation for atom, I would have searched the rest of them for you, but since atom stumped Louis Vuitton Belts Cheap

me, I can only offer the suggestion that you contact your local library for some scientific reference that may provide abbreviations. I would also suggest that you don send them looking for acronyms, as I suspect this to be a wild goose chase.

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An acronym for the first group of words you presented would be the extremely clumsy "word,"This answer was edited by DannoMan Gucci Belt On Sale

What is an Acronym really? I recently had a debate with a friend on if an Acronym is only an Acronym if you can pronounce.

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LBaldwin had the idea that perhaps what you were seeking were mnemonic devices, which were offered in that answer. This is not an acronym, but a technique for remembering a sequence of (in this case) words belonging to a specific category or identified grouping.

There is an acronym of the word "Baptist" that Baptists sometimes use to describe their beliefs. Do you know the Baptist distinctives acronym? Can you explain each point, giving Bible verses Baptists. Or some are good at chemistry, but bad at biology. I know it has to do with brain development, but I was hoping for a more detailed. Which are the most important events in the history of biology? List the names of all the organelles in a eukaryotic cell? What is osmosis.

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I doubt seriously that these terms all have acronyms. What you may have been seeking, instead of acronyms, are simple abbreviations.

Reason: .

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Belt Lv

´╗┐Acronym for the following things biology

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972 days ago.

study of how these organisms.

What is a unique mascot and creed Acronym i can use for Belt Lv new school? School is getting a new name and mascot. i need someone whom is a talented artist, a unique.

What is an Acronym? What is an Acronym? please provide an example. while i looked through the registry that people.

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Belt Lv

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