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Cava said part of the instability can be attributed to the school's rapid start and growth, a process she described as "building an airplane while you're flying on it."

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And at a meeting in March, Thomas Frischknecht, president of the school's board of directors, Hermes Belt Online

´╗┐Academy for Science and Design charter renewed for five years

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The school has to show, among other things, that it is making progress toward achieving its mission, is responsibly using public funds, is promoting student attainment of expected knowledge and skills, and is sustainable.

NASHUA Students and staff at the Academy of Science and Design can breathe easier, after the state Board of Education voted to renew its charter for another five years.

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stories about how they can interact with their fellow students now and feel comfortable in doing that was quite an experience . This school is a great option for kids who need something different."

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Ferragamo Belt Pictures

Last year, the school admitted that it wrongly kept 68 students from taking part in an admissions lottery because they didn't score well enough on a placement exam. The trustees have since passed a revised admission policy.

It was about these issues that state board members questioned ASD Director Jennifer Cava on Wednesday before approving the charter's renewal.

By the end of its initial five year charter, schools are required by state law to show they have met standards and goals set forth in its original charter application to order to get a renewal.

"The stability, that continuity with the students hasn't been there," said board member James Schubert.

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"Will I be taking the trash out some nights still? Yes," Cava said. "But I think the structure is leaning more toward a more focused director's position."

The school fell behind in its reporting of required financial documents, including quarterly financial reports and annual independent audits, but it has been working this year to get up to date.

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Honorow said.

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Board member Helen Honorow, of Nashua, urged Cava to better tailor her director position to make sure she's not doing it all, saying that change could help her and future directors better serve the school for longer.

The Academy for Science and Design Ferragamo Belt Pictures opened in Merrimack in 2007 but moved to Nashua over the summer.

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The board unanimously approved the renewal, but not before asking some tough questions about the school's plans for improvement, particularly in the areas of fiscal responsibility and growth management, in the years to come.

And while there were concerns, board members also expressed their support for the school, saying that there was a clear effort on the part of school leaders and its trustees to move past earlier issues and ensure that students receive the best education possible.

"We found copious evidence that the school was fulfilling its charter," Hendry said. "I am convinced that the school is sustainable . and convinced that students thrive there."

"The students I spoke with at the school were very honest about the fact that many were bullied at their old schools, and many felt they weren't challenged," Hendry said. "To listen to their Michael Kors Belt Black

A teacher observation and evaluation process also was designed this year, with a focus on empowering teachers to become leaders within the school. This, Cava said, will help make her job easier and give her time to focus on the financial and instructional leadership of ASD.

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And while Hendry praised the school for its work, the report on ASD did call attention to some "significant issues" the school has faced since opening its doors in 2007.

"You don't want to be leading the school and taking out the trash at night," High Quality Louis Vuitton Belt

A visiting team, led by former Nashua Associate Superintendent Ed Hendry, spent two days at the middle and high school in October, and recommended the charter be renewed. At the board meeting Wednesday, Hendry spoke highly of Nashua's only charter school.

The school also has had five different directors since it opened in 2007, something that drew concern from many board members.

Cava told board members that ASD has worked hard in the past year to deal with many of its past issues. She and the school's board of trustees worked together to create schoolwide goals and start the strategic planning process.

had to squash rumors among parents and staff that the school was in danger of closing due to sustainability issues.

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