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These days, though, especially in the shadow of massive state budget cuts, only a small number of districts can afford to give their students such a perk, she said.

take them during a two period afternoon block, during which students are allowed to leave campus, Willis said.

if a student started on time and just used our early college block, they could earn as many as 24 hours of college credit, Ashby said.

But like many, he anticipates dual credit courses will become more and more popular.

rule of thumb is that they can take any class they meet the prerequisites for, he said. we pretty open as to what students can take, but we (charge) everybody at the same rate as the AISD folks. number Hermes Belt For Sale

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

Abilene two and four year colleges say dual credit courses remain popular among students, even as funding from school districts that can help pay for the classes has dwindled.

About 312 students are signed up to take dual credit hours in AISD, Willis said.

About 45 of those students already have signed up for a selection of five classes.

far, we have 43 students enrolled, she said a fairly consistent number, within a student or two, when compared to previous semesters.

The classes offer multiple advantages, said AISD spokesman Phil Ashby, from getting students used to the rigor and particular style of college classes, to potential savings of both cost and time.

of them (students) do it because of the time factor it saves them so much time, Evans said, noting that Cisco has had a handful of high school students walk across their high school stage with an associate degree already in hand, thanks to its dual credit offerings.

Students also can choose to take certain classes from Texas State Technical College, she said.

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

For the upcoming semester, McMurry will offer two English classes, a psychology course and a new computer science course, she said.

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

Students must Gucci Belt Interlocking G

Generally, students who enroll in dual credit classes in AISD Lv Belts For Men

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

June, we lost that grant, so now it does come out of the students and parents pockets, she said.

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

many cases, the (districts) would pay for the dual credit courses completely, or at least partially, said Amy Evans, spokeswoman for Cisco College.

provide their own transportation, and in addition to the cost of the class also must pay for books, she said.

Common classes such as English, social studies, government and economics are the most popular, Ashby said, with local colleges tending to offer between four and six class options per semester.

The college preparatory school, with a board and day program for boys and girls in grades seven through 12, is located about 30 miles south of Austin.

The lack of funding has several students, she said. had several who have had to drop. even with the dip in funding, those interviewed Tuesday expected the option to remain popular.

The district has forged agreements with Cisco, Abilene Christian University, Hardin Simmons University and McMurry University.

Janet Chandler, assistant registrar at McMurry University, said the school tends to work exclusively with local high schools. It does have a single home schooled student taking dual credit classes this fall.

seen a dramatic increase in the number of dual credit hours over the last 10 years that students are bringing into ACU, he said. think that trend is only going to continue as parents look for ways to get college credit early and at cheaper rates than what colleges are going to charge. schools, too, are looking for new venues for their dual credit classes.

Kren Willis, a counselor at Abilene High School and dual credit coordinator for Abilene Independent School District, said AISD until recently had access to grant dollars that could help students absorb some of the related costs of taking dual credit classes.

Hardin Simmons University recently forged an agreement to offer dual credit courses at San Marcos Baptist Academy, in addition to the classes it offers with AISD.

ACU tends to work with a variety of students, said registrar Bart Herridge, including home schooled students and students from area private schools.

student can take dual credit classes starting their junior year, he said, and may take up to six hours in a semester.

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of participants is somewhat smaller at ACU, he said. Herridge estimated that 10 to 15 students a year tend to take advantage of the college offerings.

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´╗┐Abilene schools look to dual credit

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Shane Davidson, vice president for enrollment and marketing management at Hardin Simmons, said the school wants to introduce SMBA students to the same textbooks and syllabus they would have at HSU, calling it a for both schools.

Dual credit classes at Cisco are $204 for a three hour course and $272 for a four hour class. Abilene Christian University, Hardin Simmons University and McMurry all charge $270 for a three hour class, per semester.

students did take summer courses and night courses, but having the opportunity to take those classes in the course of the school year Ferragamo Belts For Sale was huge for them, she said.

Ferragamo Belts For Sale

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