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Carlisle, just as her skin was. I was in awe and so was Kaylah. But Kaylah was more outspoken than me.

my step father," I managed to say without causing my voice to crack.

Ferragamo Belts Red

Carlisle nodded,"Excuse me,please, you start work tomorrow at seven and your office is the one at our immidiet right. You may leave if you like."

"Come in,"he called from the other side.

"Um, I'm 21, I'm from Florida,and I'm a single mother,"I said trying to think of good things to say. I guess that was to vauge because Carlisle looked put out.

"There is something urgent we need to speak about,"she said with a meaningful look in her eyes

"Look,mommy,another person. Do we live in a Castle now?" She asked

Ferragamo Belts Red

"Is it safe to ask about you. I mean if I'm working with you and all?"I asked

I turned around and saw the beautiful person behind me. She had a knowing Lv Belt White Gold

"I swear I didn't look at any files!" she yelled causing me to go wide eyed and Hayley to pout at the strange woman.

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"He's,uh,he's with my mom. Her father is Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

Carlisle put on a sad smile but I turned my head and looked at the small child sitting next to me. She didn't even notice my gaze on her because she was talking animatedly to her Barbie, which she named Rosalie.

I didn't understand that name much.

Ferragamo Belts Red

Ferragamo Belts Red

Carlisle nodded,"I live a couple of miles from here. I have 5 adopted kids;Alice,Emmett,and Edward Cullen, and Jasper and Rosalie Hale.

Ferragamo Belts Red

"And speaking of my kids, the girl behind you is Alice. She's the youngest of my children."

I laughed at myself and thanked Valerie before knocking on his door.

Once I stepped into his office and sat down, I put Kayleh onto the empty seat next to me and handed her, her Barbie doll.

When I got fed up, I walked over to one of the closest desks,lifted Kaylah up to my hip,and smiled at a dark haired,who looked to be my age, woman sitting behind the desk. She looked up once she saw me over the desk,blushed lightly,and got up from the desk quickly.

Alice smiled and walked over to Kaylah before pulling her into her arms and cooing lightly. I smiled at how happy Kaylah was to have the attention of what she thought to be a 'princess'. After a minute or so, Alice put Kaylah down and looked at Carlisle.

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"There ya' go,KayKay," I said with a small smile,"you're all cleaned up and ready to go!"

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"Ready to go!" Kaylah echoed. I laughed at how easily eager she could get at times. That was one of the many things I loved about her. Well, the direction we though he was in. We spent almost ten minutes walking around the hospital looking.

´╗┐Accidentally In LoveCarlisle Cullen Short StoryChapter 03

Ferragamo Belts Red

look in her eyes and a ver kind face. Her eyes were the same as Louis Vuitton Belt Outlet Uk

"Tell me about yourself,"Carlisle said with a kind smile that made me wish my daughter wasn't in the room at that point in time.

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"Oh,yes,I'm sorry,follow me,"Valerie said. I nodded and followed her in the direction I had walked from. After a couple of minutes and mindless chit Ferragamo Belts Red chat. We arrived at his office. Which was a couple of doors away from the restroom I went into.

"What about Kaylah's father?" he asked

Ferragamo Belts Red

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