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She described the start of the relationship as "fine" but said it started to deteriorate and turn violent following a party in early 2010 when he accused her of flirting with another boy.

He had let her in and started punching and kicking Miss Gale to her head and back and then tried strangling her.

Givenchy Belts

Givenchy Belts

Prosecutors have accused Blakeley of being obsessive and controlling of Jayden and after they split he had threatened to post intimate naked videos and photographs of her on Facebook hoping that she would kill herself as a result.

She said he kicked Gucci Belt White Green Red

they were together until they split in October 2012 because he Gucci Belt Golden

She had gone to his home in Didcot because he had taken her mobile phone and bank card and knowing her pin number had withdrawn 100.

When she had broken the news to Blakeley 24 hours' previously in a telephone call he became angry, denying he was the father, prosecutors allege.

had stolen from her again.

Givenchy Belts

Givenchy Belts

Givenchy Belts

Givenchy Belts

"He was drinking a bottle of Stella," she told jurors.

Givenchy Belts

"On one occasion I walked home a different route and got there later and he accused me of cheating and hit me.

Givenchy Belts

Miss Gale described to jurors the most serious assault when Blakeley had attacked her in August 2012.

Miss Gale said Blakeley would hit her if he either saw her talking to other boys or heard that she had.

Katie Gale, 21, said Ben Blakeley, 22, admitted to her that he was "possessive, controlling and jealous".

´╗┐Accused 'controlling and jealous' From This Is Wiltshire

Miss Gale said Blakeley had tried to strangle her around 10 times during their relationship and even thought she was going to die when he threatened to "cut her up in the bath".

"He punched me in the head and kicked me in the back and ribs, everywhere."

everyone out of the party, which was being held at his home, and the next day she went to see him.

She described the relationship as at "breaking point" by the time of her 19th birthday in 2012 after he stole items from her home.

Givenchy Belts

"He called me a slag and he threatened to kick me out naked."

"(It was) to teach me a lesson."

The former lover of a man accused of murdering the mother of his unborn child told a court how he had repeatedly tried to strangle her.

Givenchy Belts

Jayden was last seen alive with Blakeley on Givenchy Belts the afternoon of December 3 last year in Didcot, Oxfordshire, having met up to discuss her pregnancy.

The former binman is on trial at Oxford Crown Court accused of murdering 17 year old Jayden Parkinson and burying her body in his uncle's grave a day after finding out she was pregnant.

Miss Gale told the court she and Blakeley had got together in 2009 and Hermes Belt For Sale Uk

Asked why Blakeley did this, Miss Gale replied: "Because I did something wrong.

Givenchy Belts

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