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Preoccupied with her dogs as she swings the long end of the reins, she talks about what it takes to be a professional trick rider.

She arrived at the University of Tennessee as a former dancer and cheerleader, all while becoming adept on a horse.

"You can't just jump on any horse and do it," Duke said. "You have to trust your horse.

When the opportunity arose to combine all three of her passions together in performances for Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, she leapt at the chance, working at the dinner theater for three years while she earned degrees in animal science, agriculture communications and nursing.

she said she, Duke and the rest of the crew are intent on enjoying what South Texas has to offer by hitting the beach.

From flipping off and onto horses to riding underneath their mounts, trick riding is a sport that requires balance, athleticism and, Blair suggested, just bravery in some cases.

Gus, her corgi, hasn't strayed so far, but has taken Gucci Belt G Buckle

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"Our job is to make it look easy and beautiful."

And while tonight and Sunday she and Duke will make it look easy as they stand atop or hang underneath their mounts, the two have been riding for years to get to that point.

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But this weekend, Hermes Belt White Stitching

to irritating one of the horses.

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"Bear!" she yells to her fuzzy Australian Shepherd, who has taken the opportunity to explore Gucci Belt

When she left Dixie Stampede, Blair began performing on her own. She has toured every corner of the country.

Grace is one of the qualities she lists off, before noting that she doesn't think she's all that graceful.

"It's a little overkill," she joked, referencing her surplus of academic degrees.

She'll be in Washington state for a show this fall and has another show just north of Miami on her schedule as well.

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´╗┐Additional acts show rodeo isn't one

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But in a sport where professionalism, poise and perfection are all vital to putting on a good show, Gucci Belt Cheap Replica it's no surprise that she has excelled in the classroom.

the parking lot, sniffing at everything in sight and following any humans who pay him any attention.

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The fusion of glamour and strength within trick riding is what attracted Blair, who had been around livestock her entire life, to the sport.

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It's the duo's first time in the Rio Grande Valley and the first time they've performed together, despite having known each other for years.

"It's mental," she said. "You just have to want to do it."

Almost on cue, she smacks herself in the head with the swinging rein, laughing it off and explaining that she's most graceful when she's on her horse. Sunday.

"There's not a whole lot of us," Blair said, noting that few women embrace the pageantry and horse riding skills necessary to professionally perform acrobatics on horseback.

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"It's a way to still be pretty, but tough at the same time," she said.

And that beauty is what sets the trick riders apart from the rest of the rodeo activities, which often are tests of sheer strength and, at times, stubbornness.

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