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"If you or any member of your family receive one DO NOT pay it, we, as a club are appealing to them in mass with the assistance of a local councillor.

"I was disturbed and surprised to hear about people getting the fines in the first place.

Gerry Rodden (40), of Milton Gucci Belt East London Street, added: "I think it was terrible to receive the parking ticket. It is easy money for them to make."

Drivers hit with parking fines while they attended a charity football festival in memory of murdered teenager Reamonn Gormley have thanked the Advertiser after the tickets were cancelled.

"Please let us know as soon as possible if you receive one."

Gucci Belt East London

About 2500 young footballers took part in their Louis Vuitton Belt Justin Bieber

More than 6000 people flocked to the tournament over three days. But several coaches, players and spectators were disgusted to find parking notices when they left their cars in the Palace Grounds Retail Park, which is home to McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Homebase, Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse. Some families received more than one ticket and were hit with parking fines of more than 100.

event organised in conjunction with Blantyre Soccer Academy.

Festival held at Hamilton Palace Sports Ground.

Reamonn's parents Jim and Ann were special guests at the event as well as former Celtic and Scotland star Tom Boyd, former Celtic player John Fallon and Hamilton West MP Tom Greatrex.

"It was a charity event and the money raised will go to the Yorkhill Children's Foundation and The Good Child Foundation.

Yesterday (Wednesday) a spokesman on behalf of the management at the Retail Park said: "As a gesture of goodwill all the parking charge notices which have been issued between Friday, June 7, and Sunday, June 9, will be processed cancelled, however, unless prior warning is provided and an agreement made for any future events the parking charge notices will remain payable."

Hamilton North and East councillor Davie McLachlan was shocked at the news of the parking tickets and took up people's concerns.

Gucci Belt East London

It read: "Euro parks have issued fines to some of the parents/coaches and visiting teams from the Reamonn Gormley Football Festival who parked in the Palace Grounds Car Park.

Gucci Belt East London

He added: "We have to thank the good work of the Hamilton Advertiser. It good to see that if people have an issue and they bring it to their councillor and the Advertiser then things can be done for the good everyone.

"I think it was shocking that you support a charity event and then you are issued with parking fines. We are delighted that the Advertiser have got these tickets cancelled."

Sunday of the three day event which was held from June 7 to June 9.

Blantyre Soccer Academy on Tuesday night issued a text to all parents of children at the club.

Gucci Belt East London

Jennifer Barnes (27), of Cambuslang, was also pleased to be able to rip up her parking ticket following the good news.

Gucci Belt East London

Gucci Belt East London

Gucci Belt East London

And Michelle Phillips (32), of Glenfruin Road, Blantyre, added: "We couldn't park at the car park beside the sports pavilion as it was too busy.

Fellow Hamilton and North East councillor Monica Lennon added: "It was really disappointing to hear that so many people had been given parking tickets during a charity event. It made people feel a bit deflated after much good work had been done in the community by the football tournament.

"I know of some families who were given multiple parking tickets and were asked to pay over 100. There must have been a whole spate of parking tickets issued over the three days."

She said: "It was such a great event. It was a shame that we got these tickets through our letter boxes two days after it."

However, within hours of the Advertiser intervening on behalf of the angry drivers, bosses at the retail park who insisted that they weren't notified of the charity event agreed to cancel all tickets as a goodwill gesture.

Gucci Belt East London

An over zealous parking attendant sparked fury after dishing out dozens of tickets to players and spectators in the second annual Blantyre Soccer Academy Reamonn Gormley Memorial Lv Belt Monogram

Gucci Belt East London

Gucci Belt East London

In an email to the Advertiser this week, Stephen fumed: "Good to see those looking after the Palace Grounds parking at the weekend entered into the spirit of the event."

´╗┐Advertiser scores parking fine victory after charity football festival in memory of Reamonn Gormley

Jackie Walsh (44), of Yetholm Terrace, Hillhouse, who was issued with a ticket after parking near Homebase, said: "We can't thank the Advertiser enough for their help. We are absolutely grateful. It was ridiculous to receive the parking tickets, as we were told in a leaflet it was okay to park at the Palace Grounds."

"A lot of people attended this tournament and businesses at the retail park would have benefited form all the extra footfall. There would have been hungry spectators who would have needed fed."

Stephen Lyons and his wife received two parking tickets on the Louis Vuitton Belt Back

Gucci Belt East London

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