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"I hadn't been in any kind of classroom in a long time," she said. "I definitely was not feeling confident."

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The instructors also try to impart study skills, such as time management, research and note taking,

´╗┐Adult Learning Center preps college

The program includes a tour of Nashua Community College, as well as visits from program alumni who have enrolled in college.

Jill Maurice tried Gucci Belt Gg her hand at college once before, but it didn't end the way she wanted.

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Now having finished, Maurice feels ready to go back. She is enrolled at Nashua Community College, where she will start taking courses toward a liberal arts associate's degree in January.

Maurice is an example of the type of student the program is geared toward, said Susan Posluszny, a career counselor who works with students.

The program is in its 10th year and is free of charge. The 15 week program meets twice a week for 3 hours. During that time, students cover math, reading, writing and vocabulary. The intent is to get the students to where a college freshman should be without having to take any remedial courses.

Students range in Hermes Belt Men Authentic

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Last week, the students in the class met for the last time with the teachers to celebrate their completing the program.

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force. She signed up but admits she was nervous about re entering a learning environment.

Students also take a career assessment, aimed at helping them decide on a career path.

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Many people who consider taking the course are hesitant because they don't know whether they are ready for college level courses. Reid said his job is to make sure they get to that point.

There is also a broad diversity of nationalities represented among the students. In the class that ended just recently, there were students from Haiti, Russia, Africa and Brazil.

The Adult Learning Center is currently recruiting potential applicants. The testing date for the next semester is Jan. 17, with classes starting the following week.

a relaxed atmosphere, so they're always comfortable in class," he said.

"It is very much Louis Vuitton Belt Online

Maurice heard about the program at a local community center. She has been unemployed for two years after being laid off and was looking for a way to get back into the work Hermes Belt Women Black

Brian Mercer graduated from high school in 1981 and wore the tassel from the ceremony to the event. Each student went up to receive his or her certificate.

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"It's a bridge from high school to college," she said.

All students who take the course receive one college credit at Nashua Community College.

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age from their 20s to their 50s, said instructor Steven Reid. Because all of the students have the same goal, they often form strong connections and help to see each other through, he said.

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Shortly after graduating from high school in 1993, she enrolled in community college but didn't finish her degree. Nearly 20 years later, Maurice is trying it again, but she has help this time. The Hudson resident was one of 15 people to recently complete the Get Ready for College program at the Adult Learning Center. The 15 week program is meant to get college bound adult learners to where they need to be to succeed in higher education.

To be eligible, students must have received their GED, completed the evening school diploma program or been out of high school for at least two years.

"This group I have now is such a team," Reid said.

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