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the Your Game program. She said it is unique because it focuses on changing the behavior of students rather than simply providing information to them.

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were somewhat astounded that the community was accepting of an abstinence plus program because Midland is a very conservative community, Dees said Monday.

There is apparently some disagreement on how to classify the the Wait program. Ashby said it is not considered an abstinence only program because it addresses the and ineffectiveness of barrier protection and other contraceptive methods, while emphasizing that abstinence is the only percent safe behavior. said Midland ISD studied the the Wait program but decided to use the Your Game curriculum because it offered more information about contraception. Dees said she would classify the Wait as an abstinence only program.

Gucci Belt Gold And Black

Gucci Belt Gold And Black

Gucci Belt Gold And Black

Gucci Belt Gold And Black

Susan Tortolero, the director of the UT Prevention Research Center and one of the four developers of the curriculum, said Monday that 10 to 15 districts have adopted Versace Belt

Ashby said the district the Wait program is in line with the policy of the Hermes Belt Leather

Tracey Dees, Midland ISD supervisor of health services, said the program was approved after the district researched various programs and surveyed parents.

Cathy Ashby, Abilene Independent School District associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction, said the district has used Scott White the Wait program an abstinence heavy approach to teaching students about sexual activity for the past seven years.

Midland ISD, Austin ISD and several other districts have adopted a curriculum developed by researchers in Houston that emphasizes abstinence while providing more information about various forms of contraception. It will be used for the first time in Midland next semester.

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Gucci Belt Gold And Black

Gucci Belt Gold And Black

The pregnancy rate in Taylor County dropped to a low of 24.7 in 2007, but the rate increased to 27.8 in 2008, and it held steady in 2009.

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Between 2001 and 2009, the pregnancy rate in Taylor County exceeded the state rate every year except 2007.

AISD officials plan to continue using a sex education curriculum that places an emphasis on abstinence, while several school districts in Texas are shifting toward programs that provide more information about contraception than students traditionally have received.

Abilene ISD board of trustees, which instructs the district to that abstinence is the only Gucci Belt Gold And Black method that is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, infection with HIV or AIDS, and the emotional trauma associated with adolescent sexual activity. school district health advisory committee, which studies sex education curriculum, recommended continuing to use the program, though the district had to restructure it this year because of budget cuts, Ashby said. Instead of receiving instruction in fifth and sixth grades, the curriculum will be folded into middle and high school health classes.

this concern that if we present condoms and contraception, it like we providing them permission to have sex, Tortolero said. really a myth. The more information we give them on condoms and contraception, on making health choices, the less likely they are to initiate sex early. teen pregnancy rates have been Hermes Belt Purple

higher than Taylor County the past couple of years, but both have been higher than the state rate.

After the district sex education program fell by the wayside, Dees said, officials decided to make a change because the number of pregnant teenagers in Midland schools was increasing, as was the number infected by sexually transmitted diseases.

Members of the district health council settled on a program called Your Game: Keep It Real, developed by researchers at the University of Texas Prevention Research Center in Houston. Dees said it had a proven track record in battling pregnancy and STD infection rates.

´╗┐Abilene ISD to continue focus on abstinence as other districts look toward contraception in sex education

In 2009, Midland County pregnancy rate among girls 13 to 17 was 31.3 out of 1,000, the most current data available from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The rate across Texas was 24.7 per 1,000 in the same year.

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