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Supporters of Africentric schools as a way to cure the 40% drop out rate among black students in Toronto can add.

The reason they doing better than average black students is because they come from more stable homes, with either two parents or a highly motivated single parent.

who take perverse pride in impregnating as many women as they can, while boasting about their sexual prowess and abandoning their children.

with homework, communicate with their teachers and read to their kids at night.

Make that September 2012, if it can find a willing community, which it couldn the last time it tried this just eight months ago for Oakwood Collegiate and met a hailstorm of opposition over both the idea and the high handed way it tried to impose it.

That is, parents who cared enough about their kids education to choose to enrol them in a particular school (actually, it could have been any school), arrange transportation, take an interest in the curriculum, help their kids Gucci Belt Double G Black

The real problem with them is they are political tokenism and divert our attention from the real problem high drop out rates among black students because of the high rate of black family breakdown, something blacks have to address themselves, supported by people of good will across Toronto, along with practical, results oriented educational and government policies.

´╗┐Africentric schooling not the right cure

Right now, the Toronto school board has one Africentric (black focused) elementary school with 185 students and a waiting list of 20, which opened in 2009.

It that by the time they get to elementary school at age five, their basic personalities have already been formed and if they grew up in a dysfunctional family, their educational experience is pretty much doomed before it starts.

Gucci Belt Monogram

Gucci Belt Monogram

Gucci Belt Monogram

than in the general black population, fewer older brothers in criminal gangs, fewer mothers on welfare or drugs, or who serve as mamas to absentee fathers Hermes Belt Black And Red

Gucci Belt Monogram

Gucci Belt Monogram

Further, it highly unlikely the 185 kids in the board one black focused elementary school were going to be future drop outs.

I bet these 185 students have fewer absentee fathers Gucci Belt Reversible

So, do the math 185 into 12,000 doesn go. Not if your goal extends beyond mere political tokenism to seriously addressing the problem of high black dropout rates.

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The reason these students are doing well undoubtedly has to do with the fact they have highly motivated and supportive parents.

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Trustees who voted in favour of adding a black high school boasted these 185 students scored above average in standardized testing, a classic case of confusing correlation and causation.

The root cause of high drop out rates among black students is not the politically correct nonsense we hear that they held back by a racist curriculum or too few black teachers.

The board argument these students are flourishing (how do we know they weren already good students?) because they aren being forced to study Shakespeare and other dead Gucci Belt Monogram white European males is absurd.

Gucci Belt Monogram

Gucci Belt Monogram

Gucci Belt Monogram

More important, since there are about 30,000 black students in Toronto public schools, this means, with a 40% drop put rate, 12,000 won finish high school. Many others will barely finish, placing them at a huge disadvantage in society.

Gucci Belt Monogram

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