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Warburton had no problem with writing advertorial s while at the Independent because he was being paid extra for doing it. "I'd flat out refuse to write an advertorial if I wasn't compensated," he said. In addition, Conibear's papers do not run the reporter's byline with the advertorial.

Should advertisers be allowed to peruse copy written by the editorial staff if that copy is to be used in an advertorial?

Warburton, who now works at the Glengarry (ON) News, found that whenever he described this situation people in the industry had a negative reaction. This prompted Warburton to submit the following question to the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) as a possible online poll question:

In his previous position with the Stettler (AB) Independent, Steve Warburton thought he had essentially two jobs.

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Gucci Belt Navy

Gucci Belt Navy

Gucci Belt Navy

"It's just something totally different than the reporters usually write on," said Conibear. "We Hermes Belt Red And Black

Conibear feels letting the advertiser look over the advertorial copy comes with their paid space. In the past, a Diesel Belts For Men

Gucci Belt Navy

Gucci Belt Navy

Leader Editor Dwight Irwin had a similar reaction. "Advertisers are understandably picky, so I would much rather let them read their advertorial instead of putting the ad rep in a position where they have to reimburse the advertiser because of something I wrote. If they give the story the okay then they're as much at fault should a problem arise."

Warburton believes if the Gucci Belt Navy compensation issue were mentioned in the question, the response would not have been such an overwhelming no.

Those who answered yes to the poll found themselves consistently taken aback by the one sided nature of the results, judging by the e mails sent to CCNA.

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Gucci Belt Navy

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few advertorials had to be completely rewritten due to businesses not being happy with the original. Last year, she estimated the Stettler (AB) Independent ran 16 advertorials.

After being posted on December 1, 2003, the online poll received more than 500 votes with 85 per cent of respondents answering no to the question. The reporter should be able to keep his/her reputation and integrity," Diane Roy, publisher of Journal La Nouvelle, wrote in an e mail sent to CCNA.

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´╗┐Advertorial poll prompts strong reaction

"I was surprised," Warburton said when he saw the response to the poll. "I don't think there's a conflict of interest."

Why are reporters writing advertorial copy in the first place? Advertorials, as the name suggests, are the purview of the advertising department. It is treated as an ad, proofed by the purchaser, duly identified as 'advertorial' and printed in a font which distinguishes it from news.

don't do that in any other case in our newspaper."

"I must say I'm astounded at the number of people who have said advertisers shouldn't be allowed to preview advertorial copy," wrote Rivers (MB) Banner General Manager Sheila Runions. "Good grief! It's an ad of sorts, for heaven's sake. We fax customers proofs of their ads all the time; why is this any different?"

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Marlene Conibear, publisher of the Independent, Bashaw (AB) Star and Castor (AB) Advance, has her editorial departments write advertorials the publications sell to local businesses. The advertising department outsources them to the editorial side of the newspaper and a reporter who writes an advertorial is compensated in addition to their normal salary. After the reporter submits the piece, Conibear lets the advertiser approve it.

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