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"We have parents calling up every week, begging us to reopen admission," he said Thursday. "We're not worried about filling the spots. The demand is there."

MERRIMACK Parents hoping to send their children to the Academy for Science and Design are getting a second chance.

"We expected that the move would not make people happy," he said. "It has implications for Hermes Belt For Cheap

Nashua School District transportation director Dave Rauseo said academy officials have said they aren't requesting transportation from the district this year because the charter school would have to bear the additional costs.

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Gucci Belt New Design

Gucci Belt New Design

Gucci Belt New Design

That figure is smaller than past years, which is surprisingly positive, Frischknecht said.

The new location will be more than twice as large as its current spot and capable of accommodating expansions for the next decade, Frischknecht said.

The charter school will hold a second lottery next month to fill 23 open admissions slots after a number of students opted not to return for a myriad of reasons, including the school's move from Merrimack to Nashua this summer.

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The academy hopes to increase its enrollment to about 430 450 students next year. The largest portion of the student population is from Nashua, but the academy houses students from more than 30 districts across New Hampshire, Frischknecht said.

Also, many parents of Nashua students Hermes Belt Blue And Gold

Academy for Science and Design to hold second lottery July 18 to fill 23 open

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people, how to bring their child here. We expected turnover. However, I was positively surprised that we're only short about 23 seats."

The school also plans to hire 14 additional teachers and two administrators, for a total of 32 full and part time teachers and nine administrators for the 2012 13 school Hermes Belt Men Authentic

The new building is a one story industrial space with about 70,000 square feet available. It is currently home to defense contractor Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance.

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However, the issue of transportation has yet to be solved. Merrimack students attending the academy were bused for free by the Merrimack School District, but Frischknecht is pursuing other options in Nashua.

The board of directors contacted the state Department of Education for guidance and assurance that a second lottery was allowed. The requirements for application are the same.


Charter schools are public schools funded by the state. There is no tuition.

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Frischknecht said he expects to receive the keys to the building in early July, and the school will deal with permits and minor construction and modification plans throughout the summer.

As of July 1, the academy will be located at 486 Amherst St., along Route 101A in Nashua, about 10 minutes away from the Merrimack location.

Students and their families can apply online. About 285 students are currently enrolled in grades 6 12.

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Chairman of the Board Thomas Frischknecht said he expects a lot of interest, although it can be hard to tell, since the school has never held a second lottery.

The school is contracted to use 50,000 square feet next year and then expand it to 67,000 square feet the next year, Frischknecht said.

Frischknecht said he and other board members are talking with the Merrimack School District and Nashua bus services to ease the transition.

The second lottery will follow the same guidelines as the first, which was held in April. All applicants will be entered into the lottery and receive a number corresponding to the order in which they were drawn. Students will be admitted to each grade level as space allows and a waiting list will be made in the same order.

"The work is minimal, but we have to do it to be in line with all the codes," Frischknecht said.

As reasons for leaving, the 23 students who chose not Gucci Belt New Design to return cited the school's move to Nashua, an improper fit with the academic programs and a desire for something else not available at the academy.

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already drive their children to the academy in Merrimack, so they may plan to do the same at the new location, Rauseo said.

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