Gucci Belt Red And Black

Gucci Belt Red And Black

Gucci Belt Red And Black

Standing on the southwest corner of South 11th Treadaway with about eight police academy cadets, Monroe kept watch over two other rookies standing in the busy intersection waving cars to and fro.

Clint Copland, a 22 year old cadet from Breckenridge, said his 15 minutes in the intersection were pretty intense. You got cars coming from four different directions, multiple turn lanes. It was tough keeping contact with my Louis Vuitton Belt Images

Gucci Belt Red And Black

As Monroe along with officers Mike Ricker and Loren Adlesperger looked on, each miscue by a cadet resulted in a small twitch of his bristly mustache.

is nerve racking, Monroe said. they out there, I have no control. I know it nerve racking for the cadets, too. 22 cadets from the Abilene Police Academy, in their ninth week of training, were gaining valuable Gucci Belt On Ebay

Gucci Belt Red And Black

Gucci Belt Red And Black

Directing traffic, he said, is inevitable and dangerous.

If learning to direct traffic is like learning to swim, the first intersection cadets at which cadets practiced North Eighth and Hickory is like the kiddie wading pool. Treadaway and South Louis Vuitton Belt Sale

How long did it take Monroe, a 28 year veteran traffic officer, to become comfortable directing traffic?

Monroe said it something all officers will do during their career, whether they work in the traffic division or not.

Gucci Belt Red And Black

only real protection out here is our bright yellow vests and shirts. We just hope people will see us, he said.

11th, then, is the deep, deep end.

start 'em off in a nice, quiet place, then bring them somewhere like this, a good, busy intersection for training, Monroe said. The Treadaway intersection requires two officers to man, adding to the complexity.

Gucci Belt Red And Black

most dangerous thing we do as cops is standing out in the middle of the road, Monroe said.

Ricker added, year there are more cops killed doing this than there are from being shot or stabbed. APD Gucci Belt Red And Black officers wear body armor when on duty, which provides some protection from bullets and knives. But body armor is no match for a speeding Suburban with a distracted driver at the wheel, Monroe said.

Monroe said an officer has to be forceful while giving traffic command. They have to avoid timid or tentative movements. Conveying a sense of confidence helps drivers remain calm in what could be a stressful situation.

´╗┐Abilene police cadets gain hands

time there a wreck, a fire, a spill, anything on the highway, you have to get out and direct traffic. It something every officer needs to know, Monroe said.

Gucci Belt Red And Black

hands on experience directing traffic at intersections across the city Wednesday.

partner, because of all the noise echoing off the buildings, Copland said.

Gucci Belt Red And Black

Gucci Belt Red And Black

I done traffic at the (West Texas Fair Rodeo) for 22 years now. Even with five experienced officers, it still gets tense out there, Monroe said. you got cellphones and radios and everything else distracting drivers. You just hope they paying attention.

Gucci Belt Red And Black

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