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of The Adventures of Pluto Nash. She faces five charges, including two for second degree aggravated harassment.

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She doesn't go outside much, either.

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´╗┐Accused Baldwin stalker

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right now. a trip to Rome to promote the new Woody Allen movie in which he stars, Baldwin is scheduled to give a speech on Monday night in Washington during the 25th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy.

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don see the light of day, Sabourin said. eat at drive thrus and I put on a hat and glasses when I go out. said she was recognized at a gas station two days ago.

Because she was arrested and jailed, she runs the risk of not being allowed back into the country if she crosses the border.

soon as I hear a noise, I on alert, ready to go again, she said. can sleep at night.

have agreed to speak because I want people to understand my current situation, said the accused 30 Rock star stalker. feel like I still in prison, I feel like a fugitive, like a hunted animal.

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started taking my picture with their cell cameras, she said.

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NEW YORK Gucci Belt Tiger Print Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin has spoken out for the first time since her arrest for harassing American actor Alec Baldwin.

was paralyzed the first days, she said. fatigue took over, the tears came. They are tears of despair, especially when you don see the light at the end of the tunnel because the machine is too big. said she is hiding out of fear of being found by the American media.

It was her New York legal aid lawyer, Julie Anne Sender, who suggested Sabourin remain in the United States until her next court appearance on May 14.

inhuman and unbearable what I living, continued the comedienne during a phone interview Sunday. have no intention to speak about the case. I want justice to run its course, I don't want to interfere. prefers not to reveal where she is now, but she confirmed that she has not seen anyone since being released no family, no friends.

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pay for everything in cash so I don leave a trace. Imagine if the press finds me while I'm moving? I don want to become Lady Diana on the road. luggage is always ready, next to the door.

Sabourin, 40, was arrested April 8 in New York following a complaint filed by Baldwin, whom she met a decade ago on the set Gucci Belt 2018

on the run, I scared, she said. Gucci Belt Mens

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American lawyer is on vacation and is back in the office on May 8, a week before the next appearance, and I can go to Montreal to meet a Canadian lawyer. Nobody is helping me from a legal standpoint Louis Vuitton Belt Cost

In the meantime, she said she hasn begun to prepare her defense.

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