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is to focus on the human needs of immigrants who enter the country illegally without documents who die in vast numbers in the harsh South Texas brush country surrounding Falfurrias.

The South Texas Human Rights Center opened the doors of its sparse, one room office Saturday across Miller Street from the Brooks County Courthouse in downtown Falfurrias, mixing its opening with a Dia de los Muertos celebration and more traditional Catholic rites in front of about a dozen supporters.

who are seeking better things; those who face dangers in trying to get these things that are only blessings from God."

recent years.

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"The work that will be done will bring attention to the plight of those who are most in need, who are in danger, who toil and who suffer," he added.

"The fun part about Day of the Dead is that on your social media you see how everyone is recognizing those who have passed," said Catalina Longoria, 48, of Corpus Christi. "When you come here and you realize that some of these people are not being remembered and I guess maybe the Day of the Dead reminds you that there's a lot of tragedy that we just don't see and don't even feel like it affects us, but it affects someone and God does call us to at least attempt something."

"You can call them immigrants, call them illegal or whatever, but in reality what they is human beings, human beings who suffered and were in pain and died," said Martha Hernandez, the Brooks County Democratic Party Chair, a social studies teacher at Falfurrias High School, and a member of the center's steering committee. "And it kind of made an impression on me that they were dying in my surroundings, in my hometown."

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A three panel display board against one wall served as a Dia de los Muertos altar dedicated to migrants who have died in Brooks County.

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´╗┐advocates launch immigrant center

The group, headed by longtime activist and organizer Eddie Canales of Corpus Christi, will advocate for immigration reform and undertake humanitarian projects, like placing bright blue barrels filled with gallon jugs of water in areas in which hundreds of undocumented migrants have died in Belt Louis Vuitton

Part of the center's mission Ferragamo Belts

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Longoria's husband, Deacon Richard Longoria of Gucci Belt Uk Corpus Christi's St. Helena's Catholic Church, quoted from holy works and delivered short remarks, then sprinkled holy water on the building and the attendees.

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So far this year, 81 bodies of immigrants have been recovered in Brooks County on pace to be fewer than the record 129 found in 2012.

"Blessed are you, Lord, who will that we care for, cherish and give compassion to the stranger, the widow and the orphan," he read from scripture, later explaining that those figures represented the impoverished immigrants who undergo a difficult and perilous journey in search of a better life.

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"We come here not to judge them and not to judge their reason for being here, but we come here to follow God's word to care and give compassion to the stranger, to the widow and to the orphan. And who is the widow, the orphan and the stranger? Those who are lost; those Hermes Belt Black And Gold

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Canales planned Saturday's opening to coincide with the Mexican Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead holiday to bring attention to the Center's mission to deter the deaths of immigrants dying while traversing the area's ruthless terrain.

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