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"That's easier when you're close," he said. Among other things, some Altronics customers want to stick with older technologies that aren't commonly used enough to be embraced by the big boys. "They say, it works fine in my tank, in my satellite dish, so let's just use it again," he said.

percent of its output is automated, in which assembly is done by machines that can cost in the six figures, the firm still has a number of employees who do hand soldering, attaching large or irregular components to specialty orders. It also has a number of inspectors and other quality control specialists.

HUDSON Putting a bunch of different things onto a sheet of plastic doesn't sound complicated, but when the final result is a circuit board, "complicated" hardly covers it.

"Proximity is one of the main things that make people do business. They want to come, see the facility, see what's going on," he said.

It's also growing: The company is getting ready to bust down a wall inside its leased space in Sagamore Industrial Park in south Hudson as part of a 50 percent expansion of the manufacturing space.

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track for "double digit" expansion in sales this year. Altronics is privately held and does not divulge sales figures.

HUDSON Putting a bunch of different things onto a sheet of plastic doesn't sound complicated, but when the final result is a circuit board, "complicated" hardly covers it. .

All were built in Altronics' bustling manufacturing space, where millions of dollars worth of machines and dozens of people connect capacitors, resistors, diodes and other electronic components onto boards made of various metals and plastics, creating the brains that run much of the modern world.

´╗┐After 10 years of assembling circuit boards

It has about 40 customers, the bulk of them commercial firms, about 20 percent medical firms, and a small number of military Gucci Belt White Gold contracts.

It has survived the ups and downs of the economy, expanding from a half dozen employees to about 50 today. A 2004 Telegraph profile of the new startup quoted Altschuler as saying he came to south Hudson "because it is centrally located and close to highways, and there is a talented labor pool from which to draw."

Founder Jeff Altschuler says a single board can have up to 8,000 different components, which must be placed with better than hairs breadth precision and properly connected so that electrons only flow where they're supposed to, done at high speed and with a tiny failure rate. Boards made here are part of a variety of industrial devices as varied as wind turbines, tanks or water coolers in general, Altronics does not do work for consumer products like phones where replacing a bad board is a problem.

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Altronics is a contract manufacturer, meaning it does assembly Gucci Belts Uk

While perhaps 80 Louis Vuitton Belts Black

He noted that even firms that hire large overseas contract manufacturers, of which Foxconn in China is the best known, will send people oversees to examine facilities and keep open lines of communication.

"We've been eyeing that for a while," said the elder Altschuler.

"It's not like software, where you can just uninstall it," said the younger Altschuler, the company's communications director and son of the founder.

The younger Altschuler said the firm was on Gucci Belt Double G Black

Gucci Belt White Gold

Gucci Belt White Gold

Gucci Belt White Gold

Altronics was founded in 2003 by Jeff Altschuler, a veteran of the circuit board industry his father, Sam, also founded a contract manufacturer.

and construction for clients rather than designing and building its own boards. Such firms are the workhorses of the technical world but they live in a brutally competitive world, where clients can leave at the first sign of a slip in quality, or lower prices elsewhere. So it's all the more impressive that Altronics, neither the sort of huge firm that can have Dell or Apple as a client nor a tiny specialty shop with low costs, is about to turn 10, which can be considered middle aged.

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Gucci Belt White Gold

This will allow the firm to expand the system assembly portion of its business, in which the assembled boards are installed inside frames or boxes for firms that don't want to take that step themselves.

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That still holds true, and not just for employees: Virtually all of Altronics' customers are nearby within a 50 mile radius. This is a valuable selling point, said the younger Altschuler.

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