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policies are subject to public disclosure.

Even in the absence of a department's written policy, police officers themselves have training and legal guidelines in common.

In a similar vein, the town responded that disclosing information Gucci Belts For Men about DWI arrests "would enable individuals to evade procedures meant to thwart intoxicated individuals from operating motor vehicles."

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The Telegraph responded by filing a written request on Friday, Oct. 18, for copies of any written policies, procedures or guidelines used by the Hudson Police Department that pertain to how officers should respond to individuals who are suffering from mental illness, or those who demonstrate signs they are suicidal, or otherwise pose a likelihood of danger to self or others as a result of a mental health condition. The request asked for information about how suspects are taken into custody, booked on charges at the police station and eventually released.

"I think it's important because we have unfortunately more Lv Belts

A review of local departments showed policies vary across the state. Police in Amherst, Milford and Concord have yet to develop specific written guidelines, while police in Nashua, Hollis and Merrimack have specific written directives.

Despite the evidence indicating Banks might be trying to harm himself, Hudson police officers took him into custody and charged him with a DWI. Banks was never evaluated by a clinician, and was instead booked at the police station, then released from police custody about two hours later.

Both were denied on the grounds that they would reveal law enforcement techniques. Disclosing the information about subjects with mental illness could allow such persons to evade police and harm themselves or others, in the town's view.

Brookline police Chief William Quigley said his philosophy is that policies are public documents. In Concord, Lt. Timothy O'Malley said the department doesn't have a specific written policy regarding mental illness, but police wouldn't have a problem providing public access if such a record did exist. O'Malley said nearly all of the Concord Police Department's Versace Belt Men 2018

Officers also receive guidance from the state statute concerning involuntary emergency admissions (IEAs). Officers are empowered to take suspects to an emergency room for an evaluation through the IEA process.

At a time when mental health services have diminished in New Hampshire, police are increasingly on the front lines of suicide prevention.

Revealing the police department's policy on handling people with mental illness "might enable persons who are a danger to themselves or to others to avoid detection by the police," Town Administrator Steve Malizia wrote in October.

However, other police departments took a different view. Police in Hollis released their policy within minutes of receiving a request. Police in Nashua and Merrimack followed suit.

That question lies at the heart of a public records request filed Gucci Belt Sale Cheap

Matthew Banks was taken into custody on a charge of driving while intoxicated on April 30. The arrest came after police were called to his house by neighbors who were concerned Banks was attempting to commit suicide by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide.

Banks committed suicide sometime the following day, about 24 hours after the incident. His widow called attention to his story in hopes of learning why police failed to seek help from a mental health expert.

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Hudson police are facing lingering questions about how officers handled an incident involving a potentially suicidal man who was arrested last year. Neighbors called police after they saw a man connect a hose to the exhaust of his minivan and place the other end inside the vehicle with the engine running. Police responded and arrested him for DWI. The man took his own life soon after he was released from police custody.

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While most police departments contacted by The Telegraph were willing to provide copies of their policies, Hudson police denied the request, saying the records are exempt from public disclosure because they pertain to law enforcement techniques.

CALEA's accreditation standards require departments to produce a written directive regarding the interaction of personnel with persons suspected of suffering from mental illness.

´╗┐After Hudson man takes his own life following DWI arrest

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Chief Jason Lavoie also declined to discuss how his officers are trained to deal with suspects who are at risk of suicide. Lavoie confirmed the department has a written policy regarding suspects who might harm themselves, but he declined to provide a copy to The Telegraph during an interview in September.

instances of this occurring," he said.

"Those are generally pretty straightforward, and we're not trying to hide anything," O'Malley said. "We would generally release anything like that."

The Hudson Police Department likely has one of the more in depth policies on dealing with mental illness anywhere in the state. That's because Hudson police are among only 10 police agencies in New Hampshire credentialed by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

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with the Hudson Police Department and seven other police agencies last year by The Telegraph.

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When police officers come in contact with someone who wants to take their own life, how are they trained to respond?

How police respond to a suicidal subject was raised in a story published by The Telegraph last year about a local man who took his own life shortly after he was arrested.

In Brookline, Quigley said police don't have a specific written policy about how to handle someone who is in danger of harming themselves, but after working in law enforcement for 38 years, he acknowledged the scenario is playing out more frequently.

Hudson police have declined to discuss what took place when Matthew Banks was arrested. The department decided to keep quiet "out of respect" for Matthew Banks and his family, they said.

For example, all full time and part time police officers receive training in suicide prevention at the police academy. The training emphasizes that police officers should seek help from a qualified medical expert if a suspect appears suicidal.

The directive must include guidelines for recognizing people suffering from mental illness and dealing with them in the field, as well as procedures for accessing mental health resources in the community and receiving regular training.

Neighbors found a vacuum hose leading from the exhaust pipe of Banks' Ford Explorer into the interior of his car. They called 911 when they heard Banks get inside the vehicle and start the engine.

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