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Scott said his client was "not a planner" and there Gucci Belt Gold Men

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Even so, he stressed that he believed Wagner intended to murder the woman who was in her care.

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The victim is a "low functioning" woman who must be guided Gucci Belt Snake Black

In a statement to an investigator, Wagner admitted she "snapped" by putting a pillow over a blind, mostly non verbal woman while she worked as a certified nursing assistant at the Abilene State School the morning of July 10, 2007.

Testimony began in the punishment phase immediately after the verdict was handed down by the nine man, three woman jury.

The offense is still considered a second degree felony, which carries up to two to 20 years in prison and a possible $10,000 fine. The jury deliberated less than one hour.

"Everybody has made mistakes," said one of the female family members. "It is now in God's hands."

began to sob in uncontrollably as her family, including her husband, gathered around to console her.

by an aide wherever she goes, White testified. White had gone to get a diaper from a closet that was directly across from the resident's room when she looked up to see Wagner holding the pillow over the woman's face, she testified, noting the victim's bed was 10 to 15 feet away from where she was standing so she had a clear view.

"I am very pleased with the verdict," said Joel Wilks, assistant district attorney. "I think it was completely, 100 percent appropriate in this case."

"There was no physical injury reported by the nurse who examined the woman," Scott told the jury.

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Crystal Monique Wagner, the former Abilene State School employee accused of trying to smother a severely handicapped resident, was found guilty of aggravated assault in the 104th District Court Wednesday.

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Assistant District Attorney Joel Wilks spent some time explaining the difference between the attempted murder and aggravated assault to the jury.

"This woman is stuck in her bed for the rest of her life and Crystal Wagner tried to kill her," Wilks said. "Whether it was impulsive or not we need to protect this world from people like Crystal Wagner."

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fore was not guilty of attempted murder. He implored the jury to make the correct decision in the case.

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During closing arguments, Wilks said the woman's reaction, was evidence that she was being harmed.

The jury had the option of finding Wagner, 28, guilty or not guilty of attempted murder or of the lesser charge of assault. After the jury left the courtroom to deliberate, Wagner Hermes Belt Men Blue

The victim "was kicking her feet," White said.

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Wagner was arrested on Dec. 20, Gucci Belts Real 2007 and charged with attempted murder in the case. She was released on a $10,000 bond the same day. She was indicted in April 10, 2008, but was not re arrested.

"This is important because it involves a person's life," Scott said.

Tuesday, Kimberly White, an aide at the facility who briefly worked with Wagner, testified that she witnessed her covering the resident's face.

During closing arguments, Earnest Scott, Wagner's attorney, stressed that Wagner's testimony showed she only held the pillow over the woman for a "couple of seconds," and she had "no intentions" of killing the woman.

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´╗┐Abilene State School employee found guilty of aggravated assault

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