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The new curbside box wasn an issue, he said, because the Nazarios mail had already been stopped.

Since then, the sisters have filed numerous complaints with postal officials, had their home inspected by city animal services and installed an additional mailbox out by the curb. Letters to Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Rep. Tony Cardenas, proved futile, they said.

´╗┐accused of attacking postman twice

What upsets them is that there is no transparent federal policy on dog attacks and mail suspensions and no clear way to get back their service.

how we can resolve this issue. I want my mail. officials counter that there is a national policy stipulating mail may be suspended if there an imminent threat to the postal carrier. But in Los Angeles, where dog attacks are more common, automatic suspensions were the general rule, Maher said.

the mailman, that it had suspended their home delivery.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

On June 22, Ortega was delivering mail across from the Nazarios ranch style home when Pancho Villa charged at him from across the street, according to postal records. Ortega backed away from the growling dog, then fell on his back, injuring his right wrist.

Since then, the 7 year old basset with the gimpy right paw has become a tethered fixture on the sisters porch, she said. bark, but not growl, at the postman. carriers have long been fodder for canine teeth. But for the 5,800 mail carriers across the nation who were attacked last year, the proverbial joke worn thin, officials say.

could easily put the mail in the box, said Gloria Nazario, 49, a Los Angeles school administrator, from her home in a quiet cul de sac in Sylmar. totally safe. He walks past every day, yet he accuses us of having an unsafe dog.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

it rare that we restore delivery. But we do restore it in some situations if they get rid of the dog. neighbor, Ricardo Montanez, had just come home for lunch when he encountered the wounded Ortega. obviously looked hurt, Montanez said. could see there was a tear in his pants and blood coming down his leg. He was in shock. saw a small dog down the street, though no sign of Pancho Villa specifically. But prior to the attack, he said he would frequently see the low slung basset hound running in his yard and about the cul de sac.

He, too, once received a warning from postal officials after his three small dogs yapped at the mail carrier. just that, once the mailman comes, all the dogs want to attack, he said.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

Four days later, on June 28, the 52 year old mailman returned to the tidy dead end street, where the canine namesake of the revolutionary icon lay in wait, postal officials said. Without warning, Pancho Villa Ortega from behind a hedge in a neighbor yard, biting him in the thigh.

dog was on top of him attempting to bite him until (Patricia) Nazario ran across the street and pulled the dog off, the postman insurance claim alleged.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

The Nazarios say their dog never touched the postman and wasn even present for a second attack. They claim Ortega made a bogus charge the Post Office never investigated and that their home delivery should be restored.

The Sylmar Post Office told the Nazarios that their dog had run loose, was a threat to Louis Vuitton Belt Original Price

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Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

dog kept attacking, growling and barking with teeth bared and (Ortega) was bopping and waving attempting to avoid being bit again and pulled/sprained his groin muscle, according to the claim. He was treated at a nearby medical clinic, lost five days of work and weeks of overtime and has filed a $26,500 civil insurance claim.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

think it just rude, said Patricia Nazario, who currently producing a documentary on taco and gourmet food trucks. very dismissive of us. There no process for resolution. I would say we in postal bureaucratic purgatory, and there no way to make a complaint.

was here, Gloria Nazario said. was in my backyard. I heard no commotion. The neighbors never saw anything. He may have gotten bit by another dog. Many of the neighbors submitted witness statements, she said.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

policy Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm is, the safety of the employees comes before Gucci Belts For Men

would like to see a written policy on Hermes Belt Black

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

Postman Larry Ortega walks along his route each day past a curbside mailbox installed by Gloria and Patricia Nazario. But for seven months, the San Fernando Valley mailman has refused to deliver their mail. Postal Service in Los Angeles has suspended their home delivery after two purported attacks on the postman by Pancho Villa. But the Nazario sisters deny any harm was done by their lame basset hound and have launched a staunch campaign to restore mail service.

the delivery of the mail, Maher said. bite was proof. He went to the doctor. It was documented there was a dog bite on his leg. It wasn just he said, she said. The postman had been attacked four days before by the same dog. He recognized the animal.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

call it the dog biting capital of the nation, said USPS spokesman Richard Maher.

Hermes Belt 32mm Vs 42mm

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