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But one decision that was made among hundreds has divided Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and members of the board: the decision to cut down the trees on Main Street.

new concrete based design.

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"There's nothing to hide here," she said. "Nobody likes it. Plus, change is hard. We took into consideration all the things that people have raised concerns about. I believe we've made good decisions about that. I don't know Hermes Belt Black And Gold what more can be done."

If members of the Board of Aldermen feel left out of the decision making process, there's a good reason, said Lisa Fauteux, the city's Public Works director.

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Donchess said those meetings were so poorly publicized, he never knew they were taking place, and he said the average Nashuan wouldn't, either.

Ward 9 Alderman Dan Moriarty said he has had to make explicit requests to the city to get costs and figures for the sidewalk project, a practice in which he said he shouldn't have to engage.

Sometimes the right decision is not always the popular decision."

"I talked about it specifically at that public meeting," she said of a meeting in July 2012, "that all the downtown trees are likely going to come down."

"We created a Downtown Improvement Committee in 2011, and then they've been meeting on a regular basis," said Lozeau, who also chairs the Board of Public Works, which controls the project. "When you put all these things together, there's been like over 40 meetings, plus reports.

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Hermes Belt Black And Gold

"The mayor is personally redesigning every square inch of the sidewalks," Pressly said.

"All of these decisions are made behind closed doors and we find out after the fact. This is a much larger project than the mere sidewalk. The whole atmosphere of the downtown has been dramatically altered without any public comment."

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Pressly said she is angered that Lozeau appears to be making all of the decisions on her own.

Since the project is being done with city workers, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Board of Public Works, not the aldermen, and Fautuex said her department has tried hard to keep everyone in the loop.

Lozeau says everything has been properly laid out and the board is up to speed.

´╗┐accountability for downtown sidewalk project

Alderman at Large Jim Donchess has championed the cause for an explanation on the loss of trees inside City Hall's aldermanic chamber, and he said to this day he has never heard of another city removing vegetation because of a utilities project. He thinks the hacking could have been avoided.

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Lozeau said of the criticism of some aldermen, "It's a minority, not a majority, of the Board of Aldermen that have some of these concerns."

"In my world, if I'm trying to write a proposal, I'm not allowed to say, 'The customer doesn't understand and it's his fault.' I am obligated to do what it takes to explain and get the customer to understand," Moriarty said. "If the mayor's right and she may be and she may not be it's her obligation to do what it takes to get the public to understand."

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For members of the Board of Aldermen, the sidewalk project has stirred accusations that Lozeau has withheld information from the public, made unilateral decisions and intentionally left out the city's main body of elected leaders.

"It certainly would not have been my intention or the mayor's intention to leave anybody out, and my opinion is people have not been left out," she said.

Lozeau said information about the project has been made available to the public, not only through regular updates that were recently published online, but through 22 public meetings she said were held Friday mornings since December 2009.

He said he has heard Lozeau say the public simply doesn't understand the decisions being made, and he said that's an unacceptable response.

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No amount of complaining by members of the Board of Aldermen and no public hearing is bound to change the design of the five block project now.

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"I should not have to keep asking," Moriarty said, adding he has been dissatisfied with Lozeau's explanations for the loss of trees.

Pressly said her main issue with the project is a lack of transparency, since there was no public meeting or discussion about cutting the trees down. Ever since the project started, she said the Board of Aldermen has been struggling to get more information about the lengthy project that is funded with taxpayer dollars, she said.

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think the trees should be saved, and I think a lot of people agree, but really, there's no give," he said. "There's no compromise. There's no consideration of anyone's opinion, other than it seems like a handful of people have said what's going to happen, and it doesn't matter how many people disagree."

"I know that it's a difficult thing for people to see the loss of trees," Lozeau said. "It's difficult on all of us. If I was a really good politician, I wouldn't have removed a tree. I would have let it go to someone else down the road.

"From the beginning, there needed to be an actual give and take, an actual discussion, regarding the decisions that were being made," he said, "and in my opinion, to me, that has never happened."

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