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a high demand for certified nursing assistants in the area, according to Stephanie Futrell, human resource director for About Staffing/Texas Nurse Connection.

Futrell said that data also shows there are still many people who need work and are accepting temporary employment "because that's all there is."

About Staffing/Texas Nurse Connection also handles temporary workers, Louis Vuitton Belt Lifetime Warranty

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Hammond said some companies choose not to reveal their names to applicants until the agency find a suitable candidate.

In turn, agencies screen applicants and test their skill level.

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Hermes Belt Copy

Clients pay a staffing company a service fee, plus enough to cover a temporary worker's wages, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation fees.

´╗┐Abilene temp agencies say business is steady

There are jobs out there, but many employers, especially small to medium size companies, opt not to advertise their openings: They instead go through temp agencies for their hiring needs.

"More businesses are calling us needing people because they can't find the right employee," Futrell said. "We have a 50 percent increase from two years ago."

"They find themselves working three to four temp jobs in order to make ends meet," Futrell said.

Perhaps there's nothing bigger in West Texas than oil field jobs, which are being filled with support staffing from several agencies.

The oil business "is booming like crazy," Hammond said, reiterating the area is in dire need of welders. "We also have a demand for heavy equipment operators."

Local temp agencies said they are benefiting from many companies that feel more optimistic about short term prospects, but are not confident enough to add permanent workers.

For help in creating jobs, the two candidates need only to look at temporary staffing firms. Bureau of Labor Statistics, temporary staffing firms created more new jobs than any other industry since the Great Recession ended in June 2009.

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"My advice to people looking for a job: Use every resource at their disposal because there are jobs out there, but a lot of the jobs are hidden," Hammond said. "And they're going to remain hidden because (employers) don't want 140 applicants to come walking into their doors."

In the early stages of economic recovery, many businesses turn first to temporary and contract workers to help them meet a growing demand. Hence the rapid uptick in staffing employment since the Great Recession ended.

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The labor bureau said the temporary help services industry added nearly a half million workers and accounted for 91 percent of total nonfarm job growth from June 2009 through June 2011.

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Ken Magee of Express Employment Professionals said his clients in the industrial side of things seem to be Hermes Belt Copy busy nowadays. He described it as not a boom but a steady pace.

"The anxious feeling that employers had in the spring seems to be diminishing, but it's not completely gone," said Bob Hammond, business development manager at SOS Employment Group in Abilene. "Back in the spring they were very, very reluctant to even hire temps. It was pretty slow, but as we started approaching June, July, things started warming up considerably."

And the outlook for the rest of the year and next seems to be positive, even with uncertainty of who will be president.

Job creation is one of the hottest topics in the presidential campaign, with each candidate laying out broad, general plans to "get America working again."

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The staffing and recruiting industry is hypercyclical, meaning its business cycle tends to be exaggerated Gucci Belt Snake Black

during economic expansions and contractions.

temp to hires, office clerical and general labor.

But are temp agencies good indicators of growth when it comes to the economy? How are the locals handling what many economists describe as a scarce job market?

"Right now, everything looks pretty good. We got a new client coming to town that's oil field supply," Magee said.

About Staffing gets about 100 job applications and resumes a day locally. Half will be placed in temporary positions, which usually last a day or two, while only about 10 likely will be placed in longer assignments.

When business is going badly, employers respond by first shedding temporary and contract workers.

Hammond said local employers started demanding more temporary workers as well as temp to hire staff. Many are optimistic, but cautious.

"That is why a lot of companies will go through a temporary agency because they don't have to worry about unemployment taxes, workers comp and other taxes," Futrell said. "They can work the employees through the temporary agency and then later on down the line they can decide to keep them when the economy gets better."

Futrell said things simmered down in 2011 but have since picked up.

"I see the medical field really opening up," Futrell said. "I just see it fixing to boom."

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