Hermes Belt Discount

solely a commercial one. For the last several years and decades, Action Embroidery has given to numerous military charities as a way to give back to service men and women.

Hermes Belt Discount

Hermes Belt Discount

The company continued to turn out military patches but also began to create patches for local first responders including embroidered badges for Monrovia and Barstow police departments, various fire departments and ambulance and paramedic companies. The company also does a lot of custom commercial work but the main staple for Action Embroidery is the military insignias, Newman said.

Hermes Belt Discount

Action Embroidery created many of the insignias worn by military members during the first and second Gulf War, according to Newman.

Hermes Belt Discount

Hermes Belt Discount

Silna' son, Ozzie Silna, joined the Army and a stronger more personal bond was forged between the armed forces and the growing embroidery company.

One of the major guidelines the military has when looking for a business to create insignias is that the company be in the United States.

´╗┐Action Embroidery in Ontario makes 80

Hermes Belt Discount

A bright signs with red, white and blue letters in a flag motif hangs from the brick, brown and white building.

"Action embroidery has been working with (the Institute of Heraldry) for the past 15 years designing new patches for new units and redesigning old patches for older units. It's on ongoing and every changing process. "

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When Silna ran the company, then known as Art Embroidery, he also did commercial work for local businesses, something Action Embroidery does today, Newman pointed out.

Hermes Belt Discount

"Our dedicated employees really take pride in what they do," said Ira Newman, president of the company. "It gives them a sense of connection. Hermes Belt Discount Even though they didn't serve in the military it forms a bond between them and the military and the company. "

In 1986, Ozzie Silna moved the business to Ontario and renamed it Action Embroidery.

For the last 70 years, Action Embroidery in Ontario, has been creating and in some cases designing military insignia patches for all branches of the military.

The business sits on an unassuming commercial street near Mountain Avenue and Holt Boulevard flanked by various buildings in an industrial area of Ontario.

"That is so important," said Newman, who hopes other companies will follow suit and help bring jobs back to the United States.

But the company's commitment isn't Ferragamo Belt Leather

A seamstress puts the finishing touches on a Marine patch. (Will Lester/Staff Photographer)

"Even to this day it's very common for us to receive artwork from a unit in Afghanistan to make patches for them," he said.

them with patches for various units and companies.

Hermes Belt Discount

Hermes Belt Discount

Designers at the business would take the artwork, work within the guidelines of the Institute of Heraldry and help turn those sketches into patches.

ONTARIO As military men and women go through their deployments, they are usually concentrating on their assignments, their colleagues and their family back home.

"There are times when we're asked perform miracles where they need things in two or three days, and we can do it because of the dedication of the employees and because they know the importance of getting the products to the service people in that time," Newman said.

Hermes Belt Discount

Inside, though sit various Swiss made embroidery machines that stretch for 15 yards and have the ability to produce 200 to 500 patches at one time, Newman said proudly. From the beginning, Silna worked with the military providing Lv Belts With Price

don't give parts of their uniforms a second thought, but a team of people in Ontario have and do.

Hermes Belt Discount

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