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Barrett said many school districts about 75 percent have some system of paying stipends to teachers who teach certain courses like math, science, English as a second language or elementary classes.

Those districts drive up the average teacher pay, he explained.

Salary data for the Wylie Independent School District was unavailable Friday.

The current model is for the best teachers to usually work in classrooms with the brightest kids in programs like advanced placement classes.

Abilene had about 150 teachers new to the district this fall, but some of those aren entry level teachers.

three universities here, we really do have a pretty good resource for new teachers right out of college, he said.

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The report also states that the average pay raise in the 2010 11 school year statewide was 2.2 percent.

With the sluggish economy, Neal said the district has had problems recruiting teachers who are working spouses to the main bread winner in the family because there are few jobs outside the school district in the Abilene area to draw those families to the area.

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In District 20, which includes the Abilene region, the average salary for a teacher is $43,658.

Neal pointed out that the state average salary for schools with more than 500 students is $51,224, but most of the school districts that helped push up that average are in competitive markets like Dallas Fort Worth, Houston Hermes Belt Green and Austin, where big city and suburban districts complete strongly for available teachers.

schools, teachers who teach double blocked classes in remedial math class earn a $1,000 stipend. They Gucci Belt For Men Gold

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Neal noted that one of the reasons that salaries are higher in Midland and Odessa is because the two districts are geographically close and are in competition for the same teachers.

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can teach up to four of these double blocked classes and receive stipends totaling $4,000 a year for their effort.

However, Neal said, Abilene is competitive in the region for teachers.

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Mark Neal, AISD assistant superintendent for legal and human resources, said the average salary in Abilene is $44,872.

´╗┐Abilene ISD teacher salaries in line with other West Texas districts

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In District 15, the San Angelo region, the average salary is $43,252, while in District 17, the Lubbock region, the average salary is $44,367.

Neal reported that AISD pays entry level teachers $36,000 a year. San Angelo pays $37,000 a year to its beginning teachers; Amarillo pays $42,250; Lubbock pays $37,250; Midland pays $42,000; and Odessa pays $42,500.

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is a supply and demand issue, she explained. many places, there are more ESL students, and when the state required four years of math instead of three, that created a need for more math teachers. said Abilene schools are approaching stipends differently from many school districts, by working to bring the best teachers into classrooms with the most needs.

Abilene average pay is competitive with the average salary of $43,506 paid in San Angelo; $47,395 in Amarillo; $45,441 paid in Lubbock; $47,269 paid in Midland; and the $48,350 in Odessa (the Ector County school district), according to information provided by Barrett.

These averages reflect reported salaries for all school districts within each TASB district. The salary is based on a 10 month contract with the school district.

are continually competitive for teachers who are considering the Lubbock and Midland areas, Neal said.

The state minimum entry level salary is $27,320, plus an additional $800 that is mandated by the Legislature.

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minimum salary is based on what the market will bear and what we can pay a new teacher, Neal said. at about the state average. said Guess Belt Womens

A recent survey of teacher salaries by the Texas Association of School Boards shows that Abilene teachers are paid less than the statewide average, but the Abilene Independent School District salaries are competitive with those of other large West Texas districts.

In each of the West Texas districts reporting, the big districts like Abilene set the curve for average pay, said Mary Barrett, TASB assistant director for compensation services.

cities have to pay a lot to recruit teachers, Neal said. suburban schools have to keep their salaries up to compete. course, teacher pay begins with what each district pays new, entry level teachers.

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In Abilene Hermes Belt Kid

Hermes Belt Green

The survey indicates that 73 percent of the teachers in the survey work in districts with more than 10,000 students.

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