Hermes Belt Limited Edition

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

The argument escalated. Lv Belts For Mens

a boy named Levi at the unsupervised party; he flirted with her as they sat next to each other on a couch.

to her. I looked at (the hostess). I saw the knife in her right hand," the accused said. "I was really scared."

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

An adult neighbour who broke up the party testified she saw the accused slip a knife out of the kitchen drawer and slip it behind her arm. The girl sheepishly returned it when the neighbour confronted her.

"You did not stab Ashlee Hyatt to defend yourself?"

"I was getting really annoyed. (He) was embarrassed and wanted nothing to do with me . . . when the girls came up," she said. "Ashlee said 'you're a slut; get out of here.'"

"I saw Ashlee laying on the ground. I didn't know what had happened Hermes Belt Expensive

The girl accused of plunging a folding knife into Hyatt's neck described for the first time her version of what happened as a Peachland house party ended two years ago. In a soft monotone, she testified seeing the knife only after Hyatt had collapsed. The third girl in the fight the teen hosting the party was holding it, she said.

"Ashlee called me a slut, saying I wanted it . . . calling me a whore, saying 'stay away from Skylar.'"

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

"She was relentless. She was crazy to me . . . We were punching and fighting over this knife."

Another girl yelled at her to "get the hell out if you want to live," the accused said. She grabbed Hermes Belt Limited Edition her purse, which the hostess had dumped on the grass with the guests' other belongings. She ran in her socks across Highway 97 to visit an old boyfriend at his house.

They spoke for an hour on the porch. Her mother picked her up there after she called for a ride. She changed her clothes and went on Facebook. Her boyfriend called her to say Hyatt was dead. Crying, she put her jeans back on, called 911 and waited outside for police to come.

"Then you took that knife and you swung it and you caused the injuries to Ashlee Hyatt," said Crown counsel Murray Kaay.

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

"No I did not," the girl answered.

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

The account contradicts Michael Baxter, who testified the accused girl held the knife as she squared off with Hyatt and no one else. She told Hyatt "I'll stab you" before they threw more punches and Hyatt stopped struggling, Baxter said.

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

"No I did not."

"We were all fighting in a ball," the accused said. "I was bleeding."

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

She wrestled the armed girl to the ground, pried the knife from her fingers and kicked her in the stomach, she said. As they continued fighting, someone removed the knife from the accused girl's hand.

The hostess' younger sister claimed they did kiss and reported it to her friends outside on the deck. Hyatt and others accused her of "making out" with him and scolded her because she was already seeing another boy at the party.

´╗┐Accused teenager's killer points finger

Many expected the accused girl to plead self defence. Hyatt, 16, was the bigger girl and the apparent aggressor in the scrap. But she denied pulling the knife from her purse and threatening to stab Hyatt.

Contrary to what her friends thought, the accused said she never kissed Hermes Belt Men Gold

"No I did not."

People surrounded Hyatt on the ground. The accused wanted to see if she was OK, but others wouldn't let her. They kept saying "you did this," she said.

The accused pushed the two girls out of the way with her forearm so she could talk to her boyfriend, she said. They both pushed her back. Hyatt punched her in the head and she punched back. The hostess joined in the fray, pulling hair, scratching and punching.

The fight lasted two or three minutes. Hyatt stopped fighting, leaving the accused and the hostess. The neighbour tried to keep them apart after the knife was removed, but the hostess kept coming back at the accused, she said.

The accused denied it happened, saying she never entered the house. She left by the back stairs with only socks on her feet and followed her boyfriend to the driveway. She tried to explain to him what had happened until Ashlee and another girl got between them.

"You didn't even accidentally stab Ashlee Hyatt?"

He put his hand on her leg, she said. He moved his body close to hers and started touching her, prompting her to get up and walk away.

"We did not kiss," she said.

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

Hermes Belt Limited Edition

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