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someone comes to this area of the park, we want them to feel like they in the Pampas region of Guess Belt Price

´╗┐Abilene Zoo director sees potential in local facility

Hermes Belt New Collection

He said his primary concern for the immediate future is to put together a good game plan for the future.

Hermes Belt New Collection

Hermes Belt New Collection

decided to move here because of two P people and potential, Gersonde said. saw the dedication of all the people involved with the zoo from the staff to the Zoo Society Board to the citizens of the city who Diesel Belt Buckle

His early years were spent on his parents farm in Sumner, Iowa, where his father raised Arabian horses and his mother raised bassett hounds. On the farm, he developed a deep love for and a keen interest in animals. That interest that took him to the University of Iowa, where he studied general science and zoology.

At 26, he moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho, to become the new director of the Tautphaus Park Zoo.

zoo needed a lot of work, but we worked really hard and managed to get it its first accreditation with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), and two times after that, he said.

In mid July, Gersonde was appointed as director.

discovered that by working in small and medium sized zoos, I could combine my interest in zoology and landscape design, Gersonde said. really get to multitask here, being involved in animal care and in designing exhibits and laying out the grounds. road to Abilene started in Garden City, Kansas, at the Lee Richardson Zoo. From there he moved to the Denver Zoo, where he worked with a company that offered camel and elephant rides. A four year stint at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colo., helped him earn the requisite experience for his next move.

In five years, he hopes to see a more cohesive collection of exhibits, where different parts of the zoo are made to feel more like their geographic counterparts.

Hermes Belt New Collection

Hermes Belt New Collection

visit the zoo. addition, Gersonde said, he saw huge potential at the Abilene Zoo.

were some issues to overcome, but I welcomed the challenge of helping the Abilene Zoo become the cultural attraction it can be, Gersonde said.

The newly opened Elm Creek exhibit is the crown jewel of the zoo, he said, and what he calls a great start.

As zoo director, Gersonde is responsible for the administrative aspects of the zoo: Gucci Belt Men Price

Hermes Belt New Collection

from finance and budgeting to revenue generation, making personnel decisions, and enforcing the policies and procedures that govern the operation.

South America. We want it to feel like being on the plains of Africa. I think we can get there with a little more attention to the plants and the d Gersonde said.

Even though he knew he wanted to work with animals, while in college he also developed an interest in landscape architecture. To decide the field he wanted to further his education in, he dropped out of college to work. His first few jobs showed him that perhaps he didn need to decide perhaps there was one path he could follow that would fit each of his passions.

need to evaluate everything. We need to see what we doing well, what working, and we need to see what isn working and what we need to change, Gersonde said. there are some maintenance issues we need to address, but we also have to look at the long term. We going to go Hermes Belt New Collection through and look at where every trash can, every bench is placed, and see how we can improve the entire zoo experience. looking to the future, Gersonde sees many bright spots.

Hermes Belt New Collection

Hermes Belt New Collection

Hermes Belt New Collection

Hermes Belt New Collection

Within the next year he hopes to see the construction of new exhibits, the renovation of some existing ones, the further development of landscaping, and the addressing of some of the aesthetics of the park, such as painting galvanized steel fencing black so it doesn stand out as much.

After 19 years in Idaho Falls, Gersonde was ready for a new challenge. He saw the advertisement for the job in Abilene. He made some inquiries, and he liked what he heard.

Hermes Belt New Collection

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