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The Academy for Science and Design opened its doors on Monday, Aug. 31, welcoming students back to school for the third time since its inception in September 2007. Returning students may be pleasantly surprised by a few significant changes. Hermes Belt Horse

This expansion accommodates the anticipated growth Hermes Belt No Buckle of the student body from an original 32 students to the current 115 for at least the next few years. Sixty four students attended the school in 2008 09 and an increase of approximately 40 60 students per year is expected until ASD reaches its chartered maximum of 450 middle and high school students. Among the benefits the larger space will provide are new labs, new classrooms, a multipurpose room and a high school lounge.

is not the kind of opportunity an educator comes across everyday, Maloney said. am very excited to work with these kids and help ASD build an educational culture that allows each of them to reach their fullest potential.

Hermes Belt No Buckle

Hermes Belt No Buckle

In just two years, ASD have excelled in statewide and national standardized testing, and they have a full trophy case exhibiting the achievements Louis Vuitton Belt For Men

The real work begins again Monday.

Hermes Belt No Buckle

couldn't be happier to welcome Andy into the ASD community, said Kent Glossop, chairman of ASD's executive board, brings the exact combination of experience, enthusiasm and personality that ASD needs to move forward with our goals for the future. We have accomplished an astonishing amount in the past two years, but creating a school from scratch is a unique and on going process.

can't overstate our appreciation for Chris Franklin, who volunteered his time as ASD's director for the past 18 months, a critical phase in Gucci Belt Tiger

Hermes Belt No Buckle

Hermes Belt No Buckle

One example of the type of support ASD receives was visible on Family Work and Potluck Day, Wednesday, Aug. 26. More than 100 volunteers were on hand to move furniture, hang whiteboards, sort books, clean lockers and perform any tasks necessary to prepare the newly configured space for Monday.

Andrew Maloney started as ASD's director earlier this month, bringing with him 30 plus years in teaching, school administration and working with children. Maloney spent many years in the Raymond and Londonderry public school districts as a teacher and curriculum coordinator among other roles. Most recently, he was the principal at St. Joseph Regional Junior High School in Manchester.

Maloney's first order of business was to oversee the completion of the school's expansion from 7,053 square feet to 24,862 square feet in the office building at 316 Daniel Webster Highway.

New students, returning students, their parents, and siblings arrived with buckets and hand trucks ready to work.

Year three begins with three times the students, three times the space and a new director.

Franklin wishes the new director success.

´╗┐Academy for Science and Design begins year 3 with 3 changes

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of academic teams such as Destination Imagination, Lego Robotics and Future Problem Solvers.

Teachers, staff, administration, members of the Board of Directors, and a team from Intel all pitched in.

Hermes Belt No Buckle

Hermes Belt No Buckle

Located in Merrimack, ASD is a chartered public school open to students throughout the state in grades 7 through 12, with a concentration in STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math. All seventh graders spend their first year studying algebra, physics, integrated biology and chemistry, world history, English and Mandarin. Students in the high school levels continue to receive a general education, while also focusing on one of seven core areas of study: aviation and aeronautics; environment and global sustainability; chemistry and bio medicine; space, astronomy and astronautics; computer science, system design and simulation; mathematics and physics; and architecture and engineering.

As a chartered public school, The Academy for Science and Design is tuition free for all New Hampshire 7 12 graders who chose to attend, with acceptance based solely on a random lottery. Currently, students come from 25 of the neighboring communities.

Maloney looks forward to the challenge of moving the fledgling charter school past its start up phase into the full realization of its potential as an innovative center of learning.

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Charter schools are responsible for implementing a state approved charter; they have a degree of flexibility that allows them to function as a and development arm of the public school system, while providing an education alternative to the appropriate students.

know this will be a rewarding experience for Andy, Franklin said. is a one of a kind environment here of overwhelming and positive support which comes from the local community, the families, the teachers and staff and even the kids themselves.

Hermes Belt No Buckle

the school's development, Glossop added. is a large part of why ASD exists today, and we are grateful for his continuing involvement.

Hermes Belt No Buckle

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