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Winter set in, and the inhabitants of the house settled in to a daily routine. After the chores Ferragamo Belt Pink

The subject of these paintings forms the basis of this weird story.

Late one evening, the owner answered a knock at the door, to discover himself face to face with a young man.

The article was "The Ghostly Mystery of Old Rindge House" by Dwight Shepler, who was born in Everett, Mass., in 1905 and graduated from Williams College. An accomplished artist, he exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He also illustrated the "Personalities in the News" section of the Herald.

of the artist, and a search was organized for him, but with no success. Smith, it seemed, had vanished from the face of the earth.

Given the young man's silent ways, the farmer was surprised one evening when he suddenly proposed painting murals in the front room of the house, explaining he had spent some years as an artist. As the room was simply covered in plain plaster, the farmer saw no harm in Smith's proposal; besides, if he didn't like the work, he could always paint it over.

Hermes Belt Tan

The farmer, happy to have the help, declined Hermes Belt Tan to press the man about his circumstances.

Our story opens in the fall of 1817, when a small village of about a dozen residences was still extant in West Rindge, off what is now Abel Road, in the vicinity of Route 119. The house in question stood atop a drumlin hill overlooking the community.

A few days after this event, the farmer was visited by two private detectives from Boston who were pursuing Smith. In the course of their conversation, they informed the farmer that the artist was well known in that city, and cleared up some of the mystery of his disappearance.

The stranger, who introduced himself as John Smith, told the farmer he was in need of lodging for the winter, and was willing to work to earn his keep. As it turned out, the owner needed someone to help with the chores, and readily agreed to the proposal.

Hermes Belt Tan

Upon further examination, the farmer discovered that Smith had devised a way to the tunnel from the room through the fireplace, which would be opened when two diamond shaped ornaments were turned at an angle.

A few days later, the farmer was working outside when he suddenly fell through the snow and found himself in a tunnel that ran from the house to a small cemetery about 75 yards away. The entrance to the tunnel was through the fieldstone foundations of the house.

The farmer and his wife, who were given to reading in the living room every night, could hear Smith puttering away in the room, but never disturbed him at his work. In the daytime, they would go inside and view the paintings that were in progress.

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Smith, it seemed, had been involved in a violent argument with one of his friends over the affections of a young woman. In the course of their scuffle, Smith's friend fell into the fireplace and was injured when his head hit an andiron.

This is where the story gets really weird.

Hermes Belt Tan

As the weeks wore on, the young man proved himself to be an able and willing worker, but taciturn, even by New England standards. He said hardly a word about his past or relations, but labored in silence.

During World War II, Shepler saw considerable action in the Pacific Theater, and later in Europe. He died in 1974.

There was no sign of Smith. The paintings were all finished, the artist's tools strewn about the room, but it was deserted.

Thinking he had killed his romantic rival, Smith fled the metropolis and headed inland, where he hoped to hide in the New England wilderness.

Somebody had lovingly cut the article out and pasted it onto a huge piece of cardboard. The years have weathered it to the color of dry autumn leaves. The story it tells, however, has its creepy moments, and is well suited to sending a few shivers up the spine Hermes Belt Light Blue

As it turned out, the farmer didn't lived long enough to see that happen.

The rival, as it turned out, survived his injuries, and upon recovering, sought out his friend, advertising in all of the local newspapers, wanting to let him know that all was forgiven.

on Halloween.

This story begins, as so many do, with a chance discovery at a small knickknack store.

The Old Rindge House was already well on the way to dissolution by the time Shepler wrote his article, a "Mr. Bassett" being the only person in residence at the time. Shepler painted a grim picture of the property, noting the upper story had been repaired with tar paper, the ell had fallen into complete disrepair and been removed, the mantelpieces and interior decoration long since stolen by thieves.

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The farmer searched throughout the house. The shutters were set fast, and there was no sign of anyone having left the building. There was, however, one last note from the artist. Carved into the wood above the fireplace was the simple inscription "J. Smith painted this room, 1817."

Hermes Belt Tan

were finished and dinner consumed, Smith would retire to the front room. He would grind his own pigments in the cellar and set diligently to work, painting farming scenes on the various walls. every day, and then retire to bed.

One night in January, the farmer was surprised to find that Smith hadn't emerged from his room promptly at 11, as was his wont. He knocked on the door, but, getting no reply, entered.

Hermes Belt Tan

There had been no response, and the detectives were dispatched to the last address where Smith was known to have lived. There, it seemed, they had reached another dead end.

As the next few days drew on, the mystery deepened. Nobody in the neighborhood had seen hide nor hair Gucci Belt For Sale

Hermes Belt Tan

What did remain, however, was a group of ancient paintings that covered the walls of one room, "strange pastoral scenes, executed in oil, and rather crudely done from the standpoint of artistry," according to Shepler.

´╗┐Actions of mysterious visitor fueled legend of Old Rindge House

I was browsing at The Red Shed in the center of Troy when I found, between the 50 cent VHS tapes and old vinyl records, a newspaper clipping dated Sept. 23, 1934, from the Boston Herald.

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