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force of the storm avoided the Valleys most populated.

The last major hurricane to hit Brownsville was Allen in 1980, a storm Versace Belt For Women

We actually had four systems that came within a couple hundred miles of Brownsville, Haro said. Hurricanes, depending on the size and movement, can have profound impact for hundreds Hermes Belt Red And Gold

Experts agreed hurricane activity goes in cycles, with some periods being more likely to have active hurricane seasons. This was true in the middle decades of the 20th Century. The current active cycle is believed to have begun in 1995.

Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992 over South Florida. That was a relatively quiet year, but that one storm devastated the entire area, he said.

Anybody from Brownsville, Texas, to Portland, Maine, is vulnerable to hurricanes, said Dennis Feltgen, meteorologist with the National Hurricane Center in Silver Spring, Md.

Statistically speaking, if you have more hurricanes floating around the gulf, the chances are going to go up that more will strike land, he said. That was certainly the case last year and certainly the case in 1933.

Its something you want to pay attention to, he said. Would you go outside if there was a one in five chance of getting hit by a car? That would be about the same.

As small as that chance might seem, Koltzbach warned not to take the threat of landfall lightly.

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Feltgen agreed. Brownsville is hit by a Category 1 hurricane, on average, once every 14 years, according to the hurricane center. Category 5 storms, the most powerful hurricanes, are only expected near the city once every 210 years.

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Last year, only 15 named storms were expected. Instead, the Atlantic saw a record breaking 28 storms, including several that went beyond Nov. 30, which is the end of hurricane season.

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

´╗┐Above active hurricane season predicted

After the impact of Katrina, a storm blamed for more than 1,800 deaths in the Louisiana Mississippi area, more coastal residents seem to be listening to warnings, forecasters said.

I would not use these numbers as an excuse to not prepare for hurricane season, Haro said. All it takes is one storm.

Statistics, Feltgen said. You can make (them) to read any darn thing you want.

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

In 1933, the city Hermes Belt With Diamonds was devastated by a series of tropical storms that reshaped the Cameron County coastline and destroyed hundreds of homes.

more powerful than Hurricane Katrina at its strongest. Allen, however, weakened some as it hit the coast, and the Gucci Belt Gg Men

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

There is a 38 percent chance a storm will reach the Gulf Coast, according to the forecast. The South Texas coast has a 17 percent chance of being hit by a storm, compared to the 13 percent chance this area had during hurricane seasons over the century.

The season is expected to produce 17 named storms, nine hurricanes and five major hurricanes. Two to four of those storms could hit the United States.

and hundreds of miles.

Emily, another powerful storm, narrowly missed the Rio Grande Valley last year.

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

Jesse Haro, warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Brownsville, said people should always be prepared, no matter the predictions.

Hermes Belt With Diamonds

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