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She said Quinto is much nicer than Sylar in real life. "It's the polar opposite of Zach's Hermes Belt Silver

"I have a lot of information about Peter's past," Bell told reporters during a conference call last week.

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Louis Vuitton Belt

"I would love to see him (Sylar) and Elle face off one day. I think that that would be unbelievable," Bell said.

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As often happens on "Heroes," viewers won't know immediately whether she's a hero or a villain, but Bell said Elle acts like a vixen.

"And in many ways, a regular cop show or medical show just didn't seem to answer those questions in a large enough way, which led me to the idea of superheroes. He added that he hasn't been able to bank extra scripts in case of a strike.

She got her wish. At 9 tonight on NBC, Bell starts a 13 episode run on "Heroes" as Elle, a sinister character who's determined to find Peter Petrelli, the young man who can gain others' superpowers. Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) lost his memory after surviving a nuclear explosion and ended up in Ireland. The question is how well Elle will fill in the blanks.

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Louis Vuitton Belt

who are all ordinary and trying to think about what it was that could speak to that.

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For 10 years, Bell has been friends with Zachary Quinto, the actor who plays the evil Sylar and who will play a young Spock in the next "Star Trek" movie. She said she has always wanted to work with him.

That has enabled her to play teenage characters such as high school sleuth Veronica Mars, but she said she's glad to now play a character closer to her own age on "Heroes."

"I was a huge fan of the show. I watched it from its premiere episode," Bell said. "And I think the depth at which they've written Elle she's so conflicted and sort of comes across as such a vixen it's so much fun to play with."

"The show was inspired by wanting to do a large ensemble drama that tackled some issues that I felt were on everybody's mind," he said, "and that was this idea that the world is a very complicated and dangerous place and in need of help from us Gucci Belt Mens

"Heroes" continues to pose mysteries about Sylar and other characters, but Kring promised the answers to all questions raised during the current 11 episode arc will be answered before a midseason break. Another 13 episode arc, which Kring calls the season's second volume, will air after that.

She said she talked to them at the July event in San Diego with the secret hope of getting on "Heroes."

"It's a little deeper character work when you have to really figure out someone's intentions because I don't even think evil characters are evil," Bell said. "They always think they're doing something right. And it's to get to that sort of conflicted what's the difference between right and wrong?' kind of point which is fun and which is cool to work on as an actor.

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"Heroes" Lv Mens Belt

"I can't reveal her secret powers. You'll have to watch. But it's a very cool power," Bell said. "She has ties to HRG and to Claire." Claire Bennet, played by Bell's longtime friend Hayden Panettiere, is the cheerleader who heals instantly from severe injuries, and "HRG" stands for "horn rimmed glasses." That's a reference to Claire's father, the morally ambiguous man who keeps track of all the heroes and is played by Jack Coleman.

adds characters such as Bell's Elle on a regular basis, but Kring said viewers should expect to see other characters leave the show in the near future. He didn't say who.

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Kring said superhero stories didn't lead him to create "Heroes."

personality because he's just the kindest, gentlest, most giving person."

Bell, a Huntington Woods, Mich., native whose career has spanned the stage and both the big and small screens, looks younger than her 27 years.

´╗┐actress flies onto cast of

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When she wasn't taking pictures of Louis Vuitton Belt fans in superhero costumes, "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell made sure the "Heroes" producers at Comic Con knew how much she liked their show.

"Veronica Mars" ended last season on The CW, but Bell has continued her youthful presence on TV by being the off camera narrator of "Gossip Girl," the network's new series about rich, young but troubled people. She said she likes having a job where she can show up in her "jammies" and added there are no plans for her to appear in front of the camera.

"Veronica Mars" didn't score high in the Nielsen ratings, but it had a big cult following. Bell said she likes that fans were so invested in the show that some have tears in their eyes when they meet her. She added that other fans have been vocal in Internet blogs. "She was sort of already kind of a part of the family by the time we cast," Kring said.

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