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"Once we secured those three contracts in late December, it became clear that we could launch this company officially, but I would have to focus at least some of my energy on those projects," said Affleck. "So I decided to give my notice. I'm always looking for new challenges that's part of the excitement of working and when this presented itself, it was hard to say, 'No.'

"But I feel that while the model (for the office) may be changing a little bit, the services should be the same or better," she said.

Affleck said he believes he was originally hired at BCYCNA because of his energy and his understanding that BCYCNA was changing. "I think me working with the board during the past couple of years I think we have recreated what it is the association should be doing," he said. "I think this arrangement will give the association added flexibility and access to talent that they wouldn't have. I think BCYCNA is unique in how it represents its members and this is another reflection of that."

"I was torn because I like working for the BCYCNA I have a great board that is always open to new and exciting things and it is a fun job. I thought about it a lot. You have to remember that in this job, I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and I see them succeed Hermes Belt Men Authentic

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Gibney described the BCYCNA board as "enthusiastic" about the new arrangement. "Theoretically, other than the fact that George will not be in the office all day, every day, all the same services should be provided," she said. "Obviously, for this to work, we have to get the same bang or better for our buck. I think the board is generally enthusiastic about this. Certainly, we've got no reason not to go through with this on a four month basis. In the event that this didn't work out and we felt that we really wanted a full time person that works for the association, we wanted to be able to pursue that over the next three months."

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

During the next few weeks, Affleck is working on the details of the contract between Curve Communications and BCYCNA.

Financially, the terms of the contract have not been negotiated, but Gibney said that for the interim period, BCYCNA is on a month to month retainer with Curve Communication, which is "fairly similar" to what was in place with Affleck Louis Vuitton Belt Drawing

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

the same services, but on a contract basis. We said, 'Hey, why don't we look at this; it's a new model, but certainly worth looking at.'

Curve Communications Group is made up of Affleck, Laura Balance, and Duane Lennie. Balance has previously worked as a producer for BCTV, a reporter for CKNW, and working in media relations for the Pacific National Exhibition. Lennie has run his own promotions and publicity company for 10 years. Lennie's company has been amalgamated into Curve Communications Group.

"Yes and no," said Gibney. "Some of us on the board have felt that George is very talented, very forward moving and that he wouldn't be content to just focus on us forever. We figured we had him for a few years, so in that sense, no, we weren't surprised.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

George Affleck has resigned as BCYCNA's General Manager, but he is not going anywhere quite yet.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

"George seems to feel that we may be even able to do more and (do it) better because we are not just getting George, but we are also getting the Curve Communications team," she said.

before his resignation.

and the excitement they get from it. So I guess I was inspired by people like Peter Speck, who started a newspaper from nothing 30 years ago, and David Black, who are entrepreneurs and succeed at it," he said.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Affleck's resignation begs the question: Did it come as a surprise to the BCYCNA board?


"But I was pretty sure that we would have a year or two left before this would have come up, and particularly not in my tenure as president," she laughed.

"We're breaking new ground and going in a new direction again," said BCYCNA President Juanita Gibney. "George resigned as our General Manager and then came back to us with a proposal that his company (Curve Communications Group), of which he is a partner, provide all Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Scratch

"We feel that the four months gives everyone involved a chance to really see (the agreement) in action and personally, I have no reason to believe it wouldn't work," said Gibney. "Certainly within the next two months, we are going to get a pretty good idea of whether we feel we are Louis Vuitton Belt For Women getting short changed here or whether we feel that everything is great.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Curve Communication has a contract to provide services to the BCYCNA office from Feb. 1 to May 1. Affleck originally asked for a three month contract, but the BCYCNA board requested four months, so as to run the contract past the Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the third week of April. At the AGM, the BCYCNA board will be recommending to the membership on whether or not to extend the contract, as well as other models for the future of BCYCNA.

BCYCNA and Affleck have entered a unique arrangement where Affleck's new communications business will be running the BCYCNA office until at least May 1.

Affleck said that his decision to go into the communications business was not taken lightly. Once the company was formed, it quickly secured contracts with the Pacific National Exhibition, Playland, and the Cloverdale Rodeo.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

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