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These were moderately meaty though tender enough and they passed the appetizer test.

Included are more than a few framed memories of Calgary 1988 Olympics, the ones like Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite to steal, said server Hailey.

Given that, it almost seems whatever lands there has a responsibility to deliver a little more.

We summoned an order of Guinness barbecue ribs which were slathered generously with sauce sporting an edgy tang.

sharply from the ensemble that also included a juicy, flavourful patty, mixed greens, pickles and two thick slices of bacon.

The place has grabbed an iconic corner, on the northeast curb of 14 St. and 17 Ave.

The fish tacos ($11) offered basa fillets that Hermes Belt Black And Gold

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

´╗┐about flavours at The Pint Public House

The rest of it more pedestrian sports bar, though one on steroids; the walls are densely clad with athletic imagery almost all of it hockey.

This jawstretcher came close to overwhelming its bun but we couldn help but deem it a burger delight.

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

For a place called Pint, it has a surprisingly limited variety of beer I counted 14 different species on the menu.

What wasn so timid was the blue cheese flavour which leapt Lv Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

All in all, it was so far, so good if not great as we cleaned up the appetizers.

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

were moist and juicy beneath their grilled exterior stuffed into soft tortillas.

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

we deposited dollops of the tasty confection into the ends of the tacos.

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

Just in case they needed some more spark, a cup of fiery hot sauce was provided.

The double storey The Pint Public House is certainly an imposing place, sheathed in grey stone with an interior of some attractive classic pub woodwork.

That menu takes few if any detours away from pub grub and on the Tuesday we visited, ribs were on special, 10 for $5 with 40 choices of sauces. rubs or dips.

This was a burger the menu promised was spiked with the house fire hot sauce but the heat was fairly tame.

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

A spicy broccoli coleslaw and salsa fresca within them supplied some crunchiness while guacamole was optional; Hermes Belt Pink

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

Mizue had lapsed into another one of her burger cravings and for something slightly offbeat went with the fiery blue cheese ($14).

Louis Vuitton Belt Graphite

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