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Most of all, however, "The Concert" hinges on Guskov's performance. Luckily, he delivers a subtle, moving portrayal of a dedicated, sometimes obsessed, artist who never expected to get a second chance at musical transcendence and can't resist when presented with the opportunity.

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As for the concert's violin soloist, Andrei has a very special virtuoso in mind: the lovely Anne Marie Jacquet ("Inglourious Basterds' " Melanie Laurent), who doesn't play Tchaikovsky but will make an exception so she can meet Maestro Filipov, despite the protests of her no nonsense agent (veteran French actress Miou Miou ). And when "The Concert's" various, seemingly random plot threads finally interweave as the movie builds toward its dramatic (and musical) climax, it achieves genuine, and somewhat unexpected, poignancy.

´╗┐achieves unexpected poignancy despite contrivances

Love Story" (1939) Louis Vuitton Belt Plate Ingrid Bergman made a star is born Hollywood debut with this remake of her 1936 Swedish hit about a married violin virtuoso (Leslie Howard) who falls for his daughter's beautiful young piano teacher. "Hangover Square" (1945) In this memorable chiller featuring George Sanders and Linda Darnell, a classical composer (Laird Cregar) suffers from blackouts during which he may (or may not) commit brutal murders. "Amadeus" (1984) Eight Academy Awards (including best picture) went to this adaptation of Peter Shaffer's play about the musical rivalry between precocious composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce) and workmanlike Antonio Salieri (Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham). "Shine" (1996) Geoffrey Rush won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Australian pianist David Helfgott, a child prodigy who overcomes a mental breakdown to return to the concert hall. "Hilary and Jackie" (1998) Jackie (Emily Watson) is renowned classical cellist Jacqueline du Pre; Hilary (Rachel Griffiths) is her sister, flautist Hilary du Pr Finzi, who recalls the love and sibling rivalry they shared before Hilary died of multiple sclerosis at 42. By CAROL CLING

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You'll laugh. (OK, maybe you'll just chuckle.)

Andrei's best friend, Sacha (deadpan Dmitri Nazarov ), a cellist turned ambulance driver, has his doubts about the scheme. But, like a best friend should, he pitches right in, helping Andrei track down the ex musicians, who Gucci Belts For Women

Gypsy contingent in the violin section. (Good thing, too because they have to fake everybody's passport.) A tone deaf, music mad natural gas tycoon (irrepressible Vlad Ivanov) agrees to sponsor the trip providing he can join the orchestra. And to manage the excursion, Andrei calls on the same Communist die hard (the blustery Valeri Barinov) who stopped his concert all those years before because nobody knows Paris like he does. Sure, it's the Paris of 30 years ago, but who's counting?

Review "The Concert" 119 minutes PG 13; brief profanity, sexual content Grade: B at Village Square DEJA VIEW Classical music plays a leading role in these notable features: "Intermezzo: A Lv Belt For Ladies

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That is, until 1980, when he defied a Brezhnev era crackdown on Jews by refusing to get rid of the orchestra's Jewish musicians. That, in turn, led to a Communist official bringing down the curtain halfway through Andrei's dream concert a performance of Tchaikovsky's Concerto in D major for violin and orchestra.

CORRECTION 04/23/11 In Friday's Neon section, a listing in the "Deja View" incorrectly described the movie "Hilary and Jackie," which focuses on the relationship between flautist Hilary du Pre Finzi and her sister, world renowned cellist Jacqueline du Pre, who died of multiple sclerosis at 42.

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Louis Vuitton Belt Plate

Because, if you don't, you have no business attending "The Concert" (in Russian and French, with English subtitles).

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Louis Vuitton Belt Plate

now hold nonmusical jobs as translators and museum guards. There's even a Hermes Belt Gray

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Round up his old musicians, of course, and finish the concert they never could 30 years ago.

Credit Tchaikovsky's impassioned music for triggering some of that feeling.

From Barinov's die hard Communist, nostalgic for the good old days, to Miou Miou's keeper of deep dark secrets, the movie's players believe in the fairy tale they're telling, even when we can't. And Laurent (who's surprisingly convincing as a violin virtuoso) brings a note of wounded little girl to her star musician role.

Credit "The Concert's" nimble cast even more.

Either way, however, you'll probably enjoy watching "The Concert's" ragtag band of dreamers face, and embrace, the music.

You'll cry. (Or maybe just sniffle a bit, if you're the hard hearted type.)

That protagonist, Andrei Filipov (Russia's Alexei Guskov), used to conduct Moscow's revered Bolshoi Orchestra.

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"The Concert" follows an equally heart tugging and equally contrived path, from Moscow to Paris, as its downtrodden protagonist tries to complete unfinished business from 30 years before.

You might buy it, you might not.

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Three decades after that debacle, the maestro still works at the Bolshoi as a lowly janitor. While cleaning a Bolshoi bigwig's office, Andrei intercepts a fax inviting the Bolshoi's orchestra to perform at a celebrated Paris theater. And he knows exactly what to do.

You may even shout "Bravo!" assuming you believe in fairy tales and happy endings.

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