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decided to enroll in Daniel Webster's business management graduate degree program.

"It's a long process and also a mental process," he said. "That thought, 'Could I get hurt again?' is probably still hanging over her. But once she takes that first step, she'll be ready to go."

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Bosques, a native of North Windham, Conn., had planned to go to grad school either online or closer to home.

Why? Her senior year was sabotaged on the evening of Oct. 17, when she went up for a layup on the third day of practice. She landed awkwardly, fell back and crashed to the floor, feeling intense pain in her knee.

"If anyone has ever had this type of injury, they know how extremely painful it is," she said. "You just have to suck it up.

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

"I knew that I had torn my ACL," she said.

What flooded her mind that night were all of the scenarios for her basketball future. Surgery on her anterior cruciate ligament loomed, which would wipe Hermes Belt Men Blue

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

Bosques admitted she cried after many games when all she could do was watch from the bench. That's Louis Vuitton Belt Screws another reason she wants to play again: to make that painful rehabilitation process all worthwhile. She went through two hours of physical therapy a day and often did more on her own with the DWC training staff.

"I was pretty upset," he said. "She had worked so hard over that summer with trainers and coaches to get ready for her final year. I was like, 'Oh, my God, she must be devastated.'"

In her junior year, she helped guide the Eagles to their first NCAA tournament berth.

One thing Cito Bosques knew as he watched his daughter rehab: She's physically ready to play. But he wants to make sure she's mentally ready, too.

The prep Vanessa Bosques put into the season served as motivation to get back on the court, as did the death of her grandmother, who helped raise her and had only seen her play for the Eagles a couple of times when they were at schools in the Connecticut area.

A couple of years ago, after a stellar sophomore season, Daniel Webster College women's basketball standout Vanessa Bosques was named the New England Collegiate Conference's Player of the Year.

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

´╗┐ACL tear gives Bosques 1 more year

Thus, Bosques strongly suggested to his daughter that instead of going to graduate school as was originally planned near their North Windham home, she take grad courses for a year at least at Daniel Webster so she should use her final year of basketball eligibility.

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

"I couldn't believe it. You lose all the muscles in your legs. It took six months for me to get my quads to fire up. It was so hard getting back to trust my leg again."

elder Bosques will be in the stands to cheer on his daughter when the season opens next month, and he says he'll try to put the injury out of his mind while his daughter tries to do the same thing.

"When I first played in my summer league games," she said, "I was very, very nervous. The first couple of games were very, very tough for me. Then I started to relax."

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"She was going to get her master's here," he said. "But you only go through life once. I didn't want her to look back and say, 'I could have played my one last year.'"

Cito Bosques knew exactly what his daughter was going through in the last year.

Bosques will miss the graduated Eagles with whom she played during her first three years, but she will no doubt be a leader and likely the best player on the 2012 13 squad.

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So Bosques, now 22, Dunhill Belts

"I played and I got hurt, too," he said, "so I know it can happen in a split second, in the blink of an eye. It can always happen again. You can't turn the clock back on that."

"It was a horrible night," she said. "But I knew then I wanted to come back and play. I had worked so hard to prepare over the summer for my senior year."

He, too, had suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament on the basketball court. The difference was that he was just playing in a pickup game, not an intercollegiate practice. But his daughter's injury hurt him, too.

She is a full time student, which is necessary by NCAA rules to retain that final, fifth year of eligibility. She works during the day in the athletic department, and practice will start again in less than a month.

out her senior year. Then what? How important was basketball? Would she want to return to Daniel Webster for what would have to be graduate school, since she was already on time to receive her undergrad degree in sports management?

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

But she won't feel strange being back on the court; she played in a summer league in Hartford, Conn., and got her basketball acumen back.

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

"I wanted to come back for her," Bosques said.

Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

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