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NASHUA A judge has ruled that accused murderer Duane Rolfe is incompetent to stand trial for the slaying of his elderly sister, but with treatment, he may be competent at some point.

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In June, two psychiatric experts testified to their similar, but still divergent opinions about Rolfe's ability to stand trial and effectively assist in his own defense.

"Right now, I think you are left with shreds and shards that don't fit together," Kinsler testified.

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Police arrested a blood spattered Duane Rolfe at the scene shortly after they arrived the morning of Jan. 19. He has been held without bail at the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections.

Rolfe has been taking anti depressant and anti psychotic medications while in jail.

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

The ruling also starts a 12 month clock in which Rolfe can be restored Louis Vuitton Belt Drawing

Landry and public defender Jacki Smith immediately raised competency issues after meeting with Rolfe after the Jan. 19 murder of his sister, Judith Rolfe, 66.

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Landry said given Rolfe's age and the seriousness of the crime, that's unlikely to happen.

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

Kinsler disagreed and said adding a mood stabilizing medication and moving him out of jail and into a secure Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk psychiatric facility could help clear his thinking in that area.

The ruling means the case will be moved to the county's probate court and Rolfe will continue to receive mental health treatment in prison, Hinckley said.

Both psychiatrists agreed Rolfe suffers from chronic bipolar disorder with psychotic tendencies and has trouble with his memory. He has been hospitalized several times in his life. He also has cognitive deficiencies, they both testified. Drukteinis said it could be a symptom of his bipolar disorder, the beginning stages of dementia or both.

Dr. Philip Kinsler, who also interviewed Rolfe twice, said he demonstrates too many illogical thoughts to adequately help his attorneys prepare a defense, but that further treatment, preferably outside of jail, could restore him enough to stand trial.

´╗┐Accused murderer found incompetent to stand trial in sister's death

"Given his age and the offense, he's very unlikely to ever be released into the community," he said.

Drukteinis testified in June that it's unlikely Rolfe's understanding of the events surrounding his sister's death and his own thought processes will improve because of the bipolar disorder.

Rolfe, 65, is charged with first degree murder of his sister, Judith Rolfe, 66, in the 8 Belmont St. home the siblings shared. The Rolfes operated the family's McDonald's Kitchenware store on Factory Street.

"It seems like the case is moving in the direction we felt it should all along," Landry said. "This is a case involving a very, very sick gentleman who, it appears, will be getting the treatment he needs. I think it's the best outcome."

The state's expert forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Albert Drukteinis, Ferragamo Belt For Cheap

After a conference Wednesday with attorneys, Judge Diane Nicolosi ruled that Rolfe, 65, was not competent to stand trial but that it may be possible for him to be restored to competency, according to Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley.

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

to mental competency and tried. If in a year Nicolosi rules Rolfe still is incompetent, he can be civilly committed in five year increments to a secure psychiatric facility similar to someone found not guilty of a Hermes Belt For Men Price

crime by reason of insanity, said Rolfe's public defender, Timothy Landry.

Landry said if Rolfe is not found competent to stand trial in a year, he can be found dangerous and civilly committed first to the Secure Psychiatric Unit at the New Hampshire State Prison. If his condition improves, he could be moved to less restrictive programs including New Hampshire Hospital, transitional housing programs and potentially discharged into a community based mental health system.

testified that Rolfe has severe and chronic mental illnesses and was psychotic six months ago, but is competent following treatment in jail.

Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

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