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Woodworth said he won't be spending the next months trying to drum up support.

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"I've been clearly on that side from even before I was elected. I was very clear about that even in the debates."

"If you've followed my career, my parliamentary journey, I've been pretty clear all through the number of campaigns I've waged that I continue to work to promote a culture of life," Albrecht said.

The motion will come up for a further hour of debate in June or in the fall session, and will Gucci Belt Leather

"But I certainly hope to continue to talk to people about it and explain why it is so important for us to ensure that basic human rights are not a gift from the state, but are inherent and inalienable for all human beings."

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"I will find out what support there is when the vote occurs," he said.

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"I continue to fully support the position of our government. Ultimately, any decision on abortion should be made by a woman, based on her individual circumstances, and in consultation with her doctor and her family."

Asked whether it violates a woman's human rights to force her to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, Woodworth said that's a debate that can't happen right now, because no decision has been made about when human life begins.

"Our government and the prime minister have consistently said that we will not open the abortion debate, we will Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Blue not bring forward legislation, and any private member's legislation on this subject will be defeated.

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clock for women, and that the intention of the motion is to restrict abortions.

Woodworth said he is happy that the first hour of debate was civil and focused on the issues, even though Harper and

Kitchener Conestoga MP Harold Albrecht will be voting with Woodworth.

Representatives from Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region were happy to hear that there is strong support for abortion rights across all three major parties.

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But with no support from Harper or the Conservative whip, it seems unlikely to pass.

"I suppose they might have chosen simply to stand apart from the debate, and to some extent I would have preferred that."

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"I personally do not support this position, nor do I support the intent behind it," Braid wrote.

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"It now seems the motion will fail, which is entirely as it should be. However, Motion 312 has been helpful in demonstrating just how thoroughgoing and non partisan Canadians' support of abortion rights really is."

´╗┐abortion move sees little support on Parliament Hill

O'Connor, in his speech, said the motion would turn back the Hermes Belt All Black

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But Woodworth, who does not use the words pregnancy, abortion or even woman in his motion, says that's not necessarily the case.

to reopen the abortion debate, critics say. If legal human rights are granted at conception, then women who choose to terminate their pregnancies would be criminalized.

"You can't honestly have a conversation about how the rights of one person interplay with the rights of another person if you're just totally denying two people are involved," he said.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated unequivocally that he will not support it. Conservative party whip Gordon O'Connor delivered what can only be called an impassioned pro choice speech in the House of Commons.

"I was a little disappointed that the reasons for opposing my motion seemed to boil down, saying that an informed discussion about when a child becomes a human being would perhaps cause some Canadians to question our existing abortion laws," he said.

"I was hoping there would be some more meat to the opposition than that."

"It came as no surprise to me. I'm well aware of their position," he said.

It's a ploy Gucci Belts Real

be subject to a standing vote one week later.

But Kitchener Centre MP Stephen Woodworth's motion on when human life begins is not dead.

"In the weeks leading up to the debate, public comment was overwhelmingly opposed to Motion 312," said Shannon Dea, co president of PPWR.

O'Connor will not support his proposal.

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Kitchener Waterloo MP Peter Braid, in a statement sent to a constituent, has said he will not support the motion.

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