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This came after Senate President Peter Bragdon, R Milford, met privately with Norelli and asked that the health insurance Versace Belt Black And Gold issue not be added to a different bill, the rewrite of the entire corporate law code (SB 41).

can create rate shock," Sevigny said.

Senate Communications Director Carole Alfano said Bragdon won't comment on what assurances were made privately but agreed the corporate rewrite bill was not the proper place to have this debate.

Versace Belt Black And Gold

For weeks, Sevigny has maintained the essence of this legislation is not the Affordable Care Act but the need for New Hampshire to avoid having Washington regulate a significant segment of the state's insured.

Versace Belt Black And Gold

Meanwhile, some health care insurers are beginning to take Sevigny's argument directly to state senators, who will take up the stand alone health care bill Thursday. A policy panel is recommending that the full Senate kill it.

House Speaker Terie Norelli, D Portsmouth, helped engineer the maneuver on the eve of the state Senate likely voting to kill that federal health care reform bill (HB 668).

The House instead left that corporate legislation untouched and voted to pass it with minor changes by a 336 0 vote.

The House voted 166 119 to merge the Affordable Care Act and renewable energy bills.

To keep this cause alive, Norelli convinced the House to add the health care reform fix to a different bill (SB 148) that lowers future goals for some renewable energy projects and extends short term help to the biomass industry.

"New Hampshire history illustrates that a dramatic shift in market rules Lv Belts For Men

"This is the opportunity we have to make it clear this bill is critically important for the citizens of our state," said Rep. Ed Butler, D Hart's Location, who chairs the House Commerce Committee. "We should not be giving away our right to direct our health care processes. This will not be good for the insurance companies that operate in our state."

"The Senate president and the speaker met in order for the president to express his concerns regarding possible amendments to SB 41, a bipartisan bill regarding much needed updates to our state's corporation laws," Alfano said. "At that meeting, the speaker agreed that SB 41 would not be the best vehicle for items of particular interest to the House. The Senate cannot comment on how the House will amend bills before them today, nor how the Senate will treat those bills when they arrive for our consideration."

"Under community rating, everyone would be rated equally, except for Gucci Belt White Green Red

"This is abusive and disrespectful, Madam Speaker, to the bill's many sponsors," O'Brien said pointedly to Norelli in his remarks. "We don't even know what we are signing up for if we pass this amendment."

Gov. Maggie Hassan, a first term Democrat, has said she strongly supports passing the health care regulation bill to keep the state in control of the individual and group health care market.

Versace Belt Black And Gold

Versace Belt Black And Gold


CONCORD The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to attach a pro Affordable Care Act bill to a popular Senate passed renewable energy measure.

Versace Belt Black And Gold

´╗┐Affordable Care Act bill to renewable energy legislation

Versace Belt Black And Gold

Versace Belt Black And Gold

"As far as state regulatory control, I think there will be precious little of that, with or without this bill," Bradley said. "The feds should run it. I don't want to see the state involved in the federal law, because it's not going to help the consumers here in New Hampshire."

But former House Speaker Bill O'Brien, R Mont Vernon, criticized Norelli's move to attach this controversy to the renewable energy measure that had bipartisan support.

The Telegraph obtained an email backing the legislation from Beth Roberts, senior vice president for northern New England of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

"There was consensus something needs to be done on the issue," Piscatella said.

the differentiation between individual and family rating," Roberts wrote. "While this may sound like an ideal solution to some, in fact, community rating will result in much higher rates for younger, healthier persons and will likely cause them to drop out of the insurance market altogether. This will result in a smaller risk pool consisting of older and possibly less healthy individuals which will drive rates up even higher."

Versace Belt Black And Gold

Versace Belt Black And Gold

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley said with New Hampshire refusing to set up its own health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government will assume control over these markets no matter what lawmakers do.

Before the House debate, House Communications and Policy Director Mario Piscatella said Norelli and Bragdon agreed that there was a state regulation conflict at issue but came to no pact on specifics.

Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny wrote to state senators this week, urging them to keep the health care regulatory measure alive or face what Sevigny called "rate shock" or "significant market Versace Belt White And Gold

Versace Belt Black And Gold

Versace Belt Black And Gold

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