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Turnover has also been an issue, he said. Prior to Chauvette's hiring in the fall of 2009, the school had three directors over two years.

The most recent audit completed and submitted by the school was for the 2007 08 school year its first in operation with students.

According to the Department of Education's accountability and reporting requirements for charter schools, a yearly independent audit report is due by Sept. 30 for the previous school year. Quarterly budget reports are due throughout the year, as each quarter ends.

Officials at the school said they've been working toward getting caught up and would have all of their quarterly budgets filed by the end of this week. Director David Chauvette said the delay in reporting stems from a shaky and rushed start of the school in 2007.

The school is also behind in its submission of annual independent audits, a reporting requirement of the state.

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Chauvette said auditors have the information for years since but haven't yet completed their work. There is no timeline for when those will be completed, he said.

The Merrimack school offers instruction for grades 7 12, but is expanding next year, adding sixth grade.

´╗┐Academy for Science and Design in Merrimack is behind in submitting state

And since the Academy for Science and Design has been getting good results from students, taking actions such as withholding funding wouldn't make sense, she said.

of manpower, he said. In Versace Belt Blue the past, the school had to rely on volunteers to help with keeping track of finances. Chauvette said the school now has a business manager on staff who is working with the state to get up to date and report in a timely manner. For example, one of the former directors of the school was allegedly writing checks to vendors with the purpose of spending all funds so the school wouldn't have to return grant money. According to school management, the board now reviews all payments with related documentation for approval prior to payment.

Last year, 97 percent of students scored proficient or better in math and 89 percent were proficient or better in science. The application process for the school differs from that of a traditional public school in that students must get letters of recommendation from teachers and take part in an interview with staff before being considered eligible to enroll.

MERRIMACK The Academy for Science and Design, a public charter school, has fallen more than two years behind in its reporting of required quarterly budgets and annual audits to the state Department of Education.

Roberta Tenney, who oversees charter schools for the state Department of Education, said the department is working with the school to get caught up, but that it isn't unusual for charter schools just starting up to have difficulty keeping up with audits and financial reporting.

"They have not been as good about it as we hoped they would be in reporting, but they have been responsive to our demands to get it done," she said.

Although the state requires charter schools to submit quarterly reports on spending and revenue, the most recent budget report submitted by the Academy for Science and Design was for the period from July September 2009.

Charter schools are independently run and are overseen by a board of trustees. Thomas Frischknecht, chairman of the Academy for Science and Design's board of trustees, said the board is working with Chauvette to get back on track with the financial reporting requirements.

"I am the fourth director in five years," Chauvette said. "With that high turnover rate, things get lost. We've since put financial policies in place that traditional schools would normally have.

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"It's an ongoing issue," Chauvette added. "We've had to rely on a lot of people to put the books together for the last couple years."

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"The product being produced is not worth producing that kind of angst," she said.

for Science and Design is one of 10 public charter schools in the state. Students attend without having to pay tuition.

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The first director was removed by the board of trustees, and the second wasn't an educator, and there were issues with the school's direction. The third director left after four months on the job.

The school doesn't have any students living in poverty or non English speakers, according to state data.

of the main issues was lack Versace Belts For Sale

If the school were not able to get current for its five year renewal, the state wouldn't keep it open, she said. The school will be due for its five year charter renewal at the end of the 2011 12 school year.

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In addition to receiving a $400,000 federal startup grant, the school receives a per pupil allocation from the state. This year, charter schools are receiving $5,450 per pupil.

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That being said, Tenney said charter schools don't receive a lot of money when compared with traditional public schools.

"He's putting things in place to do the right things at the right time," Frischknecht said. "The board has made it very clear this is a high priority to get it done."

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The school has 186 students this year and is expecting to increase to 300 students next year.

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