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Every now and then something comes up that just begs comment. Here my two cents worth on this:

Versace Belt Brown

they will tell you. Of course the mayor knows this and hasn got what it takes to do anything about it. The mayor is doing a disservice to the city and these employees. The Chief Building Inspector for the city Tom Evers has worked as hard as he can to improve the looks of Springdale, he has had dozens fo old dilapidated buildings removed, he spends a lot of his time doing code enforcement because know one else will. I know Tom and Gucci Belt Buckle Broke

Secondly, location, location, location. Springdale has not historically cultivated retail and the infrastructure to support large scale retail development. What Springdale does have is an environment that has catered to low paying blue collar jobs refer back to the first bullet.

Did you hear about the mother who "rents" her childrens social security numbers to other parents?

he has his nose to the grind stone from the time he gets to work until he goes home. Tom is doing everything he can to improve Springdale and is blocked at every turn by Chamlee. If the city council had the will they would sit down with Tom and ask him what he thinks should be done they might be pleasantly surprised. It will take council action to make any change in that department and for that to happen it will take a leader on the council to take action. Do we have anyone like that on this council, I hope so.

Versace Belt Brown

Versace Belt Brown

Having been born in Springdale, I was totally sickened by this overheard conversation. But as time has gone by I have had to admit that it is true. Especially on the east side of Springdale.

the situation was handled. Did this make the paper? No. I have been told that you do not go into certain areas after dark on the east side.

´╗┐Academy Sports under construction in Fayetteville

I can see that last bullet in particular causing blood pressures to rise and thoughts of won be like Fayetteville etc. And people with those thoughts are right on one thing Springdale won be like Fayetteville. Springdale will not get an Academy Sports, a Cabelas, a Starbucks, a Target, Versace Belt Brown a Kohl a Mall, a jewelery store, a shoe store, and on and on.

I really want some Mexican food, and I really am trying to buy a (good) used car in Springdale. Should I contact Patsy Christie or the Mayor to find out where these places are located? What a joke. Seems like all Springdale has is resturants and car lots. Why is the City not trying to recruit business like Academy Sports, and other business that would be good for Springdale. I so sick and tired of seeing these great businesses go to Fayetteville, Rogers or Bentonville. Why can the Chamber of Commerce or the City Fathers fight for Springdale to attract these kinds of Businesses. I really wish someone can tell me WHY this is not happening?The reason why these types of businesses stay away from Springdale is simple, the town is dirty and ugly period. The town looks terrible and nothing is being done about it. I have beaten this drum so many times and took a bit of crap for it. I was told to move, find answers not complain. My old friend alpacat has ripped me many times and I like it. No large company is going to sink millions into a business in this town until it improves in appearence and atitude The atitude is easy to take care of just vote them out. The appearence is also just as easy fire the people in code enforcement that are not doing their job. That would be the management of code enforcement which is Mike Chamlee and Dan Snow. The code officers deserve a chance to do their jobs with the right management if they still don do the job get ride if them and hire someone who will. Again this mayor knows there is a problem in code enforcement but will not take action, as was said before " The good old boy cronyism has killed Springdale ". For example consider the old motel at Thompson and Robinson Chamlee has been messing around with this dump for years and has not gotten anything done,other than Refresh the red unsafe signs on the building because they faided out to the point they were unreadable. the council had to step in and do the work for him. The place still exist, a main intersection into the city and what do you have, a major eyesore. Chamlee is the Chief Building official for the city and he has been that for several years. Chamlee either doesn know his job, doesn care or is just plain lazy. If anyone has a better explaination please let us know what it is. Dan Snow the Code enforcement coordinator what ever that is could care less about the job, I won get into it at this time but all you have to do is ask the code officers and Gucci Belt Red Green White

Take time to talk to Springdale PD officers and ask them about the problems that have been caused by the influx of illegal aliens and the criminals in the last fifteen years. I have been told that you have no idea what happens after dark, especially on the weekends.

Versace Belt Brown

Versace Belt Brown

Hey, lay off Chickenopolis. We have the lowest water bills in the whole area!We also boast the largest private employer in Washington County. Guess who? Many of their employees earn six figure incomes, some earn seven figure incomes! So take that!With god as his co mayor how can Sprouse go wrong? He removed the bars from Shiloh Jail. How much better could it git???Around ten years ago, I overheard two Springdale teachers talking about a meeting that they had just left with district administrators. The basic message they had been given was that Springdale (and Rogers) would become the "ghetto" of NWA.

Until we rid our town of the illegal aliens, it is only going to get worse!

Versace Belt Brown

Versace Belt Brown

Retail follows demographics. If you got demographics to support a certain type of store the store is more likely to locate in a certain area. Let face it folks, Springdale does not have the right demographics which means for the most part disposable income.

If you think a place is run down, contemplate a neighborhood watch, litter patrol, community center, etc. and hold people accountable for their actions. I think a huge Catholic Church right smack in the middle of Parson Hills would improve things tenfold.

Thirdly, I read it in this paper many times in the past. Springdale seems almost proud of its on luck blue collar attitude and appearance. To change, Springdale is going to have to embrace some of those things Springdalians seem to make fun of plant trees, clean up and name creeks, build walking paths, build more parks, enforce stricter building and landscaping codes, etc.

Versace Belt Brown

Versace Belt Brown

Versace Belt Brown

I was told about an incident that happened in the Parson Hills subdivision several years ago. The Springdale PD responded to a call only to find themselves surrounded/outnumbered by Hispanics threatening them. More police showed up and Louis Vuitton Belt Justin Bieber

Versace Belt Brown

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