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The two quickly became friends and when Jackson bought his 'plane and announced he would was setting out in the summer, Bayley asked: "What about giving me a lift as far as India?"

Anxiety was so great that Jackson turned back, but then changed his mind and continued to Rome.

shortly after leaving Le Bourget.

Bayley told of how on the first day of the flight the two had lost their way Womens Lv Belt

"Ground underneath merges from the plain to hills and becoming more and more forbidding.

There was no one in sight when the Fox Moth touched down on the barren looking landing ground at Nicosia, in Cyprus.

However, they land safely at Lyons, where the aircraft was put into a hangar with the assistance of two Frenchmen, who "looked more like farm hands".

First stop had been in Paris, then on to Lyons, Cannes, Rome, Naples, Brindisi, Athens, Rhodes, Cyprus, Aleppo in Syria, Baghdad, and Basra in Iraq.

From Cannes to Rome they flew over Corsica, and there was an anxious moment when the oil pressure dropped while they were over the sea.

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

"Away to the east I catch a stirring glimpse of snow covered peaks, presumably the Swiss Alps.

Later back at the Hampshire Aeroplane Club a letter was received from Bayley describing his journey from Southampton to Kalchini in Bhutan and also enclosing a map of the air route the two had travelled.

remote, land locked state of Bhutan at the eastern end of the Himalayas.

Ahead lay a journey of many thousands of miles, and as the Fox Moth aircraft climbed over the Hampshire coastline, little did Graham Jackson and Clive Bayley know what lay in wait for them in the days ahead.

"The airport building consisted of one small corrugated iron office heavily bolted and barred," wrote Bayley.

Here, says Bayley, the officials were "very thorough but not over courteous".

"Conditions were not encouraging," wrote Bayley, after recording the fact that they were lost.

"Graham immediately yells at me to get out, as he expected fire, but fortunately she does not go up, as I am jammed in where I am.

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

Leaving the mangled Fox Moth behind Jackson and Bayley caught a steamer to Bombay, India, where the two parted company, with Jackson resuming his journey to Australia and beyond while Bayley set off by train, lorry and finally by elephant.

WITH their clipped moustaches and short back and side haircuts they did not look like the Indiana Jones's of their day, but the two intrepid adventurers from Southampton were made of stern stuff.

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

"Cloud base woefully low as we blunder down a valley, fir clad sides which are often well above us."

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

While in Southampton he met Clive Bayley who was also learning to fly at the airport while home on leave from a tea plantation in the Versace Belt Medusa Head Replica

"Neither of us is hurt or even shaken but Graham is obviously disappointed at cracking up like this after such a fine show."

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

Jackson readily agreed, and the two took off on June 2 and made good progress until they reached the Persian Gulf, after flying 3,772 miles from Southampton in just under 43 hours.

Eventually after a long delay the aircraft was dismantled and loaded on to the vessel, SS Barala, which took it to Karachi, while Jackson and Bayley managed to reach Bombay, also by ship. Lv Belt Monogram

´╗┐Adventurers were Southampton's Versace Belt Buckle Replica answer to Indiana Jones From Daily Echo

"The plane ran into a concrete pylon, hitting just outbound of the starboard wings. Under part and wings twisted up all over the place, aircraft spins round in a complete circle and heels over on to the wreckage of starboard wings.

One a gold prospector and the other a tea planter, the audacious duo, with their stiff upper lip approach to whatever trials befell them, trundled down the grass runway of Southampton Airport in the small, single engine biplane and took to the sky.

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

It was then disaster struck when they were forced to make a crash landing on an "indifferent aerodrome" and "piled up" the aircraft.

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

Versace Belt Buckle Replica

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