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"We feel pretty good about that, about how we stacked up," said Dick Gustafson, director of the state's division of higher education. "We've done a lot of work in the state to nudge this along over the years."

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The community college system, Gustafson said, has done its part to work with local high schools on their math instruction, encouraging students to take math courses in their junior and senior years to be ready for college level math courses.

Versace Belt Half Medusa

Versace Belt Half Medusa

In Nashua, Superintendent Mark Conrad created a college and career readiness committee last year to identify what else needs to be done.

A total of 43 percent of students met the readiness benchmarks in all four subject areas. Another 18 percent of students met three of the readiness benchmarks, while 12 percent did not meet any of the benchmarks.

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The 2013 report found that fewer than half of American students are well prepared for college or careers after graduating high school, with only 39 percent of ACT tested 2013 graduates meeting three or more of the four ACT college readiness benchmarks. Thirty one percent did not meet any of the benchmarks.

The ACT annual report determines college readiness by a student's score on each of the four subject tests that make up the ACT assessment English, math, reading and science. The "readiness benchmarks" specify the minimum score students must earn on each test to have a 75 percent chance of earning a C or higher in a typical college level course.

Nationwide, 64 percent of all ACT tested 2013 graduates met the readiness benchmark in English. Fourty four percent met the benchmark in reading and math, while just 36 percent met the science benchmark.

Nashua is not alone in their efforts to boost college and career readiness.

The system's Running Start courses, offered at nearly every state high school, let students earn college credit and get a taste of college level expectations before Hermes Belt For Cheap

Gustafson said that educators statewide have been working to help ensure the state's graduates are ready for whatever path they choose after high school. The implementation of the Louis Vuitton Belt Mens

O'Dea said that while the Granite State has done a lot in recent years to boost college readiness among students, it is clear that additional work still can be done.

Much of the work done by the committee so far, O'Dea said, has focused on bringing college and career planning to students earlier. This year, a college planning software already used among high school students will be brought down to the middle schools.

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"A student academically can have the knowledge they need for a job, or for college, but you can't hold a job unless you have the soft skills, the ability to self advocate," O'Dea said."Starting at a young age, we really need to encourage the student to have these interactions with others, to speak up for themselves and let people know what they need."

In New Hampshire, however, many more students reached the benchmarks outlined in the college readiness report, beating out national data by as much as 20 percent.

´╗┐ACT report finds students fall short in college readiness benchmarks

Versace Belt Half Medusa

Versace Belt Half Medusa

The Naviance software, she said, will help students not only gain a better idea Versace Belt Half Medusa of the kinds of careers that interest them, but also will help younger students ensure they take the best courses for their chosen path while in high school.

That's just one of the findings of the ACT's annual Condition of College and Career Readiness report, which measures students based on their ACT testing scores to determine their preparedness Ferragamo Belt Orange

And the New Hampshire Scholars program also has done a lot to help better prepare students, he said, encouraging them to take a challenging course load and connecting them with mentors and internship opportunities.

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Versace Belt Half Medusa

Common Core State Standards will bring an even greater focus to college and career readiness standards.

for higher education and the workforce.

Of the 2,987 students, or 19 percent of all graduates in the state this year, that took the ACTs, 84 percent were deemed ready for college level work in English. Sixty four percent were found ready for college level reading work, 66 percent were ready for college level math work and 54 percent were ready for science college courses.

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"As someone once said, talent alone gets you nowhere," Gustafson said. "You need to work hard. Even if you were prepared well, you need to work to do what you were prepared to do."

Only 26 percent of test takers met the readiness benchmark in all four subject areas.

When it comes to predicting a student's college success, their performance in high school is not always the best indicator.


In New Hampshire, students fared better, but local officials say there is still plenty of work to be done.

Versace Belt Half Medusa

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