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"It's just a mixture of all the Sandler family, and hopefully when they see the movie, they'll all stop talking to me," he deadpans.

Versace Belt Medusa

"They're twins, so Jill has a strong bond with Jack, but for some reason he wanted to break free. He now has a successful life as an ad executive out in California and is married to a lovely lady who takes good care of him and the children, and he's happy."

too many roles, is starting to confuse reality with the parts he's playing.

"My sisters are stronger and my brother's bigger than me. And even though my father's not here anymore, I have a fear of his ghost coming back and beating the hell out of me."

Versace Belt Medusa

Versace Belt Medusa

It's little wonder Sandler enjoys whatever downtime he has with his family.

Versace Belt Medusa

As is tradition, Jack and Jill get off on the wrong foot, and Jack tries to make amends by asking his sister to stay so he can show her everything LA has to offer.

Versace Belt Medusa

"Nah, I don't really mock anybody. Mostly because I love them but also, a lot of them would hit me," he says.

He recently shot the movie Donny's Boy in Massachusetts, close to his hometown Manchester, New Hampshire, where his family Hermes Belt New Collection

Versace Belt Medusa

"No, my mother's a good looking, short redhead," he exclaims.

He read the script and laughed," says Sandler, dressed casually in grey combats and a blue and white checked shirt.

Versace Belt Medusa

´╗┐Adam Sandler doubling up for latest movie Jack and Jill

In Jack And Jill, Jack's wife is played by Mrs Tom Cruise, the former Dawson's Creek actress Katie Holmes.

Versace Belt Medusa

"Jill's a big girl, and fearless. She doesn't try and look gorgeous all the time, which made it easier," says Sandler on bringing his female alter ego to life.

Versace Belt Medusa

In fact, it wasn't too difficult to embrace his inner woman, he insists. "That's when I got my biggest laughs growing up.

Sandler was only 17 when he decided to give stand up a go and spontaneously took to the stage at a Boston comedy night. From that moment, he was hooked and regularly performed in comedy clubs throughout the state while studying Fine Arts at New York University.

"We wrote the part for him but never thought he'd do it. Louis Vuitton Belt No Buckle

He was spotted by stand up comedian Dennis Miller, who recommended him to the producer of Saturday Night Live and he was soon regularly writing and performing for the show.

Versace Belt Medusa

"That's maybe why you fight a lot, because you allow yourself Versace Belt Medusa to. With friends and people who aren't as close to you, you have your guard up you don't want them to know you can lose it."

Then, in 1995, he left to concentrate on a movie career.

moved when he was five years old.

Just like Jack, Sandler admits to feeling a little tetchy ahead of family get togethers: "I get nervous. I'm like, 'Oh, my God, here it comes'. When they get here, it's usually great, and if it gets out of control, it's a good story to talk about after they leave."

His female incarnation doesn't resemble his mother, he adds.

"Because you're close and they know you best, you're allowed to be yourself in front of them," says Sandler.

"It's where I grew up, so my family kept coming by it was great," he says.

In total, his films have grossed more than three billion dollars worldwide and he co owns Happy Madison Productions, now a mini self contained studio that oversees all aspects of production on films, including Jack And Jill.

"I was looking for someone who could tolerate her husband losing his mind on occasion and still maintain a pleasant household," explains Sandler. "I've met Katie before and felt she would do a great job at that."

The Godfather actor plays a heightened version of himself, a man who, having played one Gucci Belt Snake Buckle

"I want my kids (Sadie, 5, and Sunny, 3, with his wife Jackie) to get to know my family as well as they can."

"He did ask, 'So who's playing Jill?' and I said, 'Oh, don't worry, we've got a hot one for you'," he laughs.

Versace Belt Medusa

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