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But access is not the only problem with this proposal for that 11 kilometre road.

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And furthermore, this proposal itself makes it clear that this exploration is unlikely to result in the establishment of a commercial mine.

´╗┐access roads and hidden agendas

Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold

listening Premier Tom Marshall, Minister Joan Shea?

Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold

In reality, this entire proposal is ass backwards. You don't need a road to do Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold

What ever happened to helicopters and winter access? Or the

Yes, even here on the Avalon with all of our oil riches and expanding population we have some true wilderness left.

But that will all change if this road goes through.

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What's wrong with using this highway and a few spur roads?

Are you Louis Vuitton Belt Grey And White

Rivers whose spawning grounds are easily accessed are in trouble. Just look at what the forest access roads did to the rivers in Bay St. George.

Why do you think Harry's River is in trouble?

And this is not good for the salmon as the best single predictor of healthy salmon runs in rivers in this province today is the ease of access to the salmon's spawning grounds.

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Currently, the Government is selling cabin lots in the Salmonier Line area for $50,000 each. Could this be the government's hidden agenda for this road?

So what are we likely to be left with an 11 km road to nowhere?

Above all, Albert Chislett knows this.

use of the major highway (the Salmonier Line) that is very closely parallel to the entire proposed road?

If Premier Marshall and Minister Shea are sincere about a truly "Open Government," they should say to Mr. Chislett and his proposal: "Bring it back in six years if you plan to build a mine there!"

I strongly encourage a government that listens to the people. this is something our current government is not doing. This proposed road will have far more impact on the social well being of many people than it will provide any benefits. This road will destroy Louis Vuitton Belt Monogram

As a minimum, it's a two hour trek or a 12 kilometre canoe trip to the salmon's spawning grounds.

mineral exploration.

And there are many more examples.

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Sure this road will make it easier for him, but at what cost?

a key recreational area to the citizens of the Avalon. This road will likely result in little to no economic impact to the region other than turning away recreational users than spend their money in the area. We are learning that our government doesnt care about salmon, wildlife nor the environment. We will be starting our ABC campaign if this gets a green light.

Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold

Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold

Yet the tiny Salmonier River, with its thousands of anglers, smack in the middle of fully half of this province's population, remains quite healthy.

Most explorations produce nothing.

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know why.

Why am I so suspicious Versace Belt Medusa Head Gold of this Government?

If there is anywhere in this province that we need to preserve a little true wilderness, its on the overpopulated Avalon.

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My God, the salmon conservation groups even opened up previously inaccessible spawning habitat to the Gander and Exploits River salmon to improve the runs.

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